As part of our Featured Voices program, we are helping customers share their stories. Meet our monthly featured customers and tell us a bit about yourself for a chance to be featured next!

January: Ray Lane

Meet Ray Lane, also known as Ray the Video Guy. Ray, a longtime MOVO customer, is a video and marketing expert who shares his vast knowledge with marketers and business owners everywhere, though his books, courses, and (at times) outrageous videos.

"So many people are scared to be on camera, or spend ages planning, rather than taking action. Imperfect action trumps perfect planning that doesn’t get executed."

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February: Jessica Norton

Meet Jessica Norton, photographer and entertainment reporter extraordinaire with a passion for music.

"My first real concert was Britney Spears when I was six years old. I was so enamored by the experience — the amount of fans in the arena, the cool merchandise, pyrotechnics, dance routines, costumes, Britney herself — that I knew that day, as a kindergartner, that I wanted to work in the music and entertainment world."

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March: Alex Wohleber

Meet Alex Wohleber, award-winning and internationally published filmmaker and photographer. Alex has worked with closely with the NFL, notably becoming star receiver Antonio Brown's "assistant" for a year.  

"A friend of mine said why don’t you edit something awesome with the footage that exists? Why not make some great edits and show him what you can do?

I did exactly that. And it worked. Antonio loved the edits and posted them on his Instagram. We met when he came to DC for a signing, and that’s how our relationship started."

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About Featured Voices

When MOVO was founded, we knew we didn't just want to build a company; we wanted to build a community. More than just selling gear and gadgets, we wanted to help people to share their "mobile voices." Our very name is derived directly from those two words. Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of people to share their mobile voices. Now, to continue building on that, we are starting the Featured Voices program.

As a way to bring us closer with the MOVO community, we will be featuring select customers on our website and telling their stories. We know our community is filled with a wide variety of fascinating people: photographers, braving poor weather conditions to capture breathtaking panoramas; musicians, traveling the world to perform for new and diverse audiences; journalists, bringing groundbreaking stories to light in captivating documentaries. We know you're out there, and we'd like to hear from you and share your voice.

Fill out the form above and tell us your story. We'll share your most stunning photos, your catchiest songs, your most gripping videos. We'll share what you've been able to create with the rest of the MOVO community. We hope to continue to help share your mobile voice.