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The Movo Story

When Movo was founded, we knew we were building more than just another company. We know we’ve got top quality products, and for some companies, that’s more than enough: you put out a great product, slap a price tag on it, and let the rest handle itself.

But we aren’t just another company. We know that it’s difficult to find quality products at an affordable price in our industry. We know that the world is filled with artists, innovators and creative minds whose voices need to be heard. We are striving for a world where everyone can share their voice, and so we’ve made it our mission to ensure that everyone can have access to high quality products, at low, affordable prices.

That’s why at Movo, we didn’t want to build just another company. We wanted to build a community. Our community is filled with amazing people, which is why we created Featured Voices as a way to help share their voices with the larger community. We also make it a priority to give back to the community through various charitable organizations.

As our community continues to grow, we hope to continue to shed light on people’s stories and to share their voices.

The 2018 "MobileVoice" Donation Recipient

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