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Glad I own the MB200!

Hi! I just finished the Rocky Mountain Marathon with Voice of Wilderness outfitters.
It is a 50+ mile backpack trip in the Wimenuche wilderness in Colorado near Pagosa Springs.
I used the MOVO MB200 Universal Camera Holster backpack attachment system to carry my Canon 7D Mark II for 5 days.
I have to say, your product performed spectacularly throughout the entire trip.
I've attached a photo of me with the MB200 on my pack.
You'll notice I used a small piece of paracord to secure the holster to the pack strap in the exact position I wanted it.
My camera/lens combination was heavy enough that friction alone between the MB200 and the pack strap was not sufficient to keep the MB200 in place.
It was great having my camera readily available throughout the entire trip.
Thanks for making the MB200.

excellent product

I just used it in a coverage and the harness is really excellent. The first class amterial. Thank you very much

very good service

mi compra fue atendida en tiempo y los productos llegaron antes de lo prometido , muy bien :)

I'm extremely satisfied.

All I bought was a couple of lens hoods for Canon EF lenses. MUCH lower cost alternatives to genuine Canon items, They fit like a glove. I can't imagine why the genuine article should cost so much. And free shipping I'm glad I discovered MOVO.

MOVO VXR10 Universal Cardioid Condenser Video Microphone!

Very good! Thanks MOVO

Movo GH400 gimbal

This is an awesome piece and good for light travels. It saves space and weight. Easy and quick to install on the tripod and moves flawlessly even with a sigma 150-600 sport and a canon 6d mark 2 with battery grip.

My Movo experience

I have two Movo products! The reverse Auto-Focus Macro Lens Adapter works just as I would expect (that is a big positive). and a gimbal head. Both work exceptionally well.

Cool Beans

Good Good, missed a few strikes but not bad at all.


Well, I tried this item and could not get focus unless I physically worked at it by moving the camera and lens closer or further to or from the subject. I thought the electronic function of this item would would get me a focus beep, but Im not to clear on how I feel about this product It works but you really have to work on getting a good image.

Very happy with MOVO microphone

I don't know much about microphones but I was impressed by the quality of the microphone especially considering the price! Also the company's customer service was excellent, I've rarely felt so well treated as a customer! Definitely recommend!

Hand grip

Not cheap or flimsy, but a bit concerned with the “locking” mechanism. Wobbles a bit and wonder about the constant attach and removal creating more instability . Also the screw in does not align properly to the base Don’t know if it is designed to be this way or not, since there are no accompanying instructions.

Carbon gimbal head.

The movement on this item is a little erratic not as smooth as I was hoping for . Apparently I can correct that by taking it apart and cleaning out the grease they use and replacing it with something other type. Would be better if they would switch grease in the factory. But it was inexpensive it is nicer to use then a bullhead for birds in flight.

Movo VXR10

Great product and fast shipping. I am very pleased with the quality and the price of the mic I would certainly buy it again.

Thanks Movo

Movo MB700

I have used this once, and it did what I needed: Held my Canon DSLR Camera securely while speed hiking, and being easily accessible for photos. It was very reasonably priced for its performance.

Great product, easy to use

Used last weekend for an event. Didn’t have much time to learn how it worked, thankfully it was real simple. Install the batteries, connect the microphone, plug into headphone/mic jack and turn both switches on. Cant get easier than that! Looks and feels like a quality product.


A instruction sheet on how to secure a extra camera, what the other strap is for and to use it would really be nice instead of fumbling around trying figure it all out!

We're sorry to hear you didn't receive instructions! We apologize for the inconvenience. You've been emailed the instructions.
Fast shipping for Replacemint part.

P brock the mount for my Micraphone. Totaly my fault. But Movo had a replacmint part out to me fast and reasinably priced.

Just what I needed

The transaction was a smooth one and the part fit perfect.

Wireless Microphone

Audio sound quality, sensitivity and radio range are very good.
Functionality of similar buttons on Rcvr and Xmtr are not the same. That's a little confusing.
Battery consumption is horrendous. 212mA constant draw kills batts in about 90 minutes and it doesn't beep or let you know you're mute if you not monitoring live. That's a pain.
Overall, for the price it's really quite OK. But my next wireless mic I'll save up for something better.

Fast great service

They had what I needed with fast timely service. Great prices too thanks!

Very nice

It worked extremely well for me. I'm really glad I made the purchase


This product thoroughly exceeded my expectations! Great product for a reasonable price!

Excellent gear

I have been using Movo GH800 Carbon Fiber Professional Gimbal for a while now. Good build quality,