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VXR10 Video Microphone

"This is my new favorite microphone to recommend, and it's pretty dope."

- Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

BWS1000 Blimp

"If you're shooting outdoors and you do need a blimp to cut down on wind noise, it's great."

- Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

WMX-1 Wireless Microphone

"A device that you could use for smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless camera...this unit is a good fit for a lot of us out there."

- Trey Lowell, Lowell Productions

VXR10+ Smartphone Video Kit

"A nice little filming kit!"

- Josh Quinonez

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It's the second time I'm buying the same mic. First time was for me after seeing vlogs on YouTube and the second time for a friend and he also loved it. It works amazing!! I'm definitely going to recommend it for more friends of mine

Great quality for low price

Love it that two come in one - easy to use. Hope the batteries last long.

Movo GH400 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head

Went out the other day looking for Owls in Delta BC. As I parked my car I took note of the temperature on the dash of the car, it reads -11c. I walk to keep warm and I do not see any movement of birds at all, so I set up near a large log to be sheltered from the wind and I wait. Then I start to run the GH400 through the processes of following birds that I do see from afar. I was very pleased at how smooth the gimbal operated at these cold temperatures. I could only stay out for about three hours before I cold and I had to go to warm up.
In short I’m pleased with the GH400 gimbal...I give it a five star rating.

Gimbal GH 800

I purchased this gimbal for a trip to Panama, during which I hope to photograph some exotic birds. I am not a "birder" but a gimbal was recommended for this trip. It is now mounted on my monopod and appears to functionn exactly as represented. All functions operate smoothly, the camera and 400 mm lens balance easily and I am waiting for the temperatures to get above freezing so I can take the gimbal/monopod/camera combination outside and put it to a real-world test. So far I am completely satisfied with this purchase and especially with the customer support I received prior to my purchase answering the many basic questions I had about the gimbal and its compatibility with my Manfrotto monopod. I highly recommend both the product and Movo.

Fantastic Wireless Lav System

Wow! I was very impressed with the audio quality of this system. The Movo WMX-1 is perfect for my needs, and exceeded my expectations. The system is easy to use and delivers clean crisp audio every time.

Great Smartphone Mic

Just picked the VXR10 and it’s an absolute amazing little microphone! The quality is exceptional for the price point. If you’re doing any solo video work, voice overs or vlogging this is a great starter mic for you. With the included TRRS cable for smartphones it’s as simple as plugging the mic in and placing it on a hot shoe or 1/4” mount. Anyone that owns a gimbal with a mount for a microphone will love the compact and lite weight of the VXR10.

bought it - used it - IT’S FANTASTIC!

I watched some online demos and was encouraged by the high-frequency performance, and it worked as I’d hope with some environmental recordings. Crystal-clear across the spectrum.

Having reviewed my first attempts in underwater videography, I have concluded that it will take some time before I would be accepted into the BBC Natural History Unit! This is completely due to my lack of skills and doesn't reflect a quality issue with the Movo mount. As a technical diver, whose primary goal isn't videography, I chose this mount for is compactness, allowing it to be clipped to a D-ring while not in use. Clipped to my right hand D-ring with a boltsnap, the unit hangs nicely out of the way. Its form also protects the camera while it is clipped to my harnas. The handle is compact, but large enough for a firm grip with thick neoprene gloves even if these grow numb from the cold water. Also all three control buttons of my ActionPro X8 remain easily accessible wearing 5 mm gloves. So I am quite happy with the Movo mount.

Movo Replacement Camera Hubs/Mounts - for the MB1000, MB2000, MB700, MB600 & MB200 Camera Harness Systems (2 Pack)

Best Choice

I really looking for a good Gimbal
every Gimbal is defenetly heavier as the GH400
plus a good Fluid Head!
The best of too Worlds and in my Backpack is more
Place for other important things!
Thanks Guys for this Great Buildquality!

A Versatile Desktop Mic At A GREAT Price

I recently got the UM700, and had an opportunity to test it in my work. The microphone not only looks amazing on the desk, but it sounds great. The cardio and stereo settings both sound great fro my podcasting, voiceovers and screencasts. The omni and bidirectional sound great as well. The best part is that the signal is very clean. Even on my glass desk, which can be a challenge for may mics, due to the vibrations from the computer and hard drives had no major buzz or hiss. VERY impressed, especially for the price!

International Purchaser

Bought online, including postage to Australia. Delivered to my door in 10 days with all the hassle of import, taxes, and delivery charges wrapped into one low fee ( about US$25 ). Great product.

Great strap!

I just purchased a red alto sax strap and like it very much. it is very comfortable, but the adjusting strap takes a little getting used to.

Best cleaning equipment

I’ve used quite a few brands of camera cleaning gear but always come back to Movo. I’ve made a decision that other brands are no longer worth trying.
I replenished my stock and purchased a kit as a Christmas present for for my sister


The GH700 is a well built tripod lens mount. The only problem I have is mounting the head to a tripod. All of my tripods have 1/4" thread mounting bolts. Your Gimbal head has a 3/8" mounting bolt. Living in a small town, I cannot find an adapter unless I drive 30 miles! My new GH700 will have to sit here until I can find some sort of an adapter! Of course the GH700 comes on a weekend when no customer assistance is available !!?? It's hard to write a review when no one is around to read it ??

Outstanding Product!

This wireless microphone and receiver are exceptionally good value for the money. The equipment performs brilliantly and reliably. The people at MOVO are experienced and helpful. It’s a pleasure to do business with them.

Amazing mic!!

After using customer support because I’m not good with these type of things, I got it to work and it’s really an amazing mic. I’m using it for youtube and its really great with distance and quality overall!! Definitely would recommend!

Works Great With My GoPro

I bought this to give the ability to better capture my audio while making training videos with my GoPro. I’m something of an amateur and didn’t want to have to do voiceovers and this was a great solution. I liked it so much I bought two more.

Very Nice Video Kit

I love my new Smart Cine Wireless Smartphone Video Kit! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 as the telephoto lens is totally useless. The wide angle and fisheye lenses work well. It does take a bit of tweeking to get the phone camera lens to line up properly. Aside from those two things, I'm very pleased.

Movo Smartphone Video Kit V2 with Wireless Lavalier Microphone

GH400 - Almost Too New to Review

I have not yet made much use of this new accessory for my tripod, but I am expecting that it will allow me to make sharper images of the action subjects I enjoy shooting, e.g., wild birds, air shows, sports car races, etc. The head is well made, but I guess I will need to buy a longer mounting plate in order to get my camera/lens combination (Canon 7D Mark II w/ battery grip and 100-400 mm lens) to balance. It probably would balance without the weight of the battery grip, but I like the additional shooting time it provides since I shoot these subjects on high-speed continuous most of the time. The rotation about the gimbal head's horizontal axis is very smooth, and so is the rotation about the vertical axis of my tripod's ball head - the two work well together. At this point, all is as expected and I'm looking forward to making extensive use of this new piece of gear in the near future.

Nice and heavy very sturdy

I haven’t attached it to my tripod yet because I am not sure how.

Gets the job done

I am an associate producer at a nonprofit and this kit helps out when content needs to be created last second. The audio from the Mic is decent but it's always more about how close the subject is than the Mic sometimes. I give it a 5/5 for quick content creation but this is more for B camera footage.