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VXR10 Video Microphone

"This is my new favorite microphone to recommend, and it's pretty dope."

- Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

BWS1000 Blimp

"If you're shooting outdoors and you do need a blimp to cut down on wind noise, it's great."

- Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

WMX-1 Wireless Microphone

"A device that you could use for smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless camera...this unit is a good fit for a lot of us out there."

- Trey Lowell, Lowell Productions

VXR10+ Smartphone Video Kit

"A nice little filming kit!"

- Josh Quinonez

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WMX-1 Review

Sound quality was not sufficient for voice recognition.

Perfect mini handle/stand

For anyone looking for a short handle/tripod stand for their small camera or digital action camera, THIS is the PERFECT lightweight solution!

Movo WMX 2 L

I love this mic system, I already own the WMX 2 Duo and absolutely swear by it. The only reason that i didn't give it 5 stars, is because of the way the receiver does not fit firmly into
the jack on my iPhone, but it works!!

I have had this item for my own singing lessons for a year or so, and my son needed something similar, so I got this for him as a Christmas present. I do like the stability of it and the fact that it reduces the need for several plug ins at once.

Works but there’s static.

I bought this kit for the compatibility of the iPhone, but while using it, there is a lot of background white noise/static. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get rid of that sound but it’s causing me a lot of issues. If this didn’t happen, it would be a great kit, as everything else works. I also don’t like the idea of having a 9v battery in the audio interface, because you’ll only be able to record for a short period of time, rather than having a plug-in power source

10X @eXtremX


best moto mic

i tried a lot of different mics, but this is the best to mount in the helmet. The sound quality is great.

Very pleased

I have all the equipment from this tripod and I am very satisfied with its quality and especially it has good hardness !! recommend


Doesn’t have the pickup quality that I was hoping for.

This is NOT for the VXR10PRO and DSLR-check the connectors

While VXR10PRO is in the description, this is the wrong cable for a DSLR. This cable has a tag on it that says "Smartphone" and it probably would work for my phone.
That aside, I blame myself for the confusion I had because I didn't look at the image. The VXR10PRO cable has a 90 degree connector on each end.

I think MOVO did a good job identifying their cables by changing those ends, I just didn't pick up on it, again, me not them.

I am giving the 5 star review for two reasons. Customer service was prompt and efficient and no-hassle. They resolved my issue immediately. That's pretty rare.

The second reason is the VXR10PRO is an excellent solution to improve audio when shooting video using a DSLR. The improvement in final product is amazing. One still has to process the sound, denoise, EQ, etc, but no more than any other microphone.

I'm about to finish school and will begin making documentaries and this is an excellent microphone for interviews.

Basically perfect !

This wind muff is exactly what I needed for my Sennheiser MKE 440. When shooting outside, this wind muff is absolutely necessary. Of course, when the wind is too strong, the audio is affected, but light/gentle breezes are 100% muted.
I warmly recommend this product if you have the MKE 440.

Paid for it, but it never was delivered!

Perhaps a good product, but how would I know?! Not pleased.

Great service

I am really satisfied with the service. More than that, I was looking for this adapter for a long time, and I finally found it.

Nice to have

It’s nice to have a product that actually works as advertised.
Thank you.

Small and to the point

The mic was just what I needed. Small and easy to store in my video bag too!

Seagrass research Florida

Underwater camera supports to verify
Sea grass growth at 100 waypoints in Indian River Lagoon Florida.

No difference between iPhone mic and this one
Wasn’t impressed.

Nice material

I'm sure this material will contribute to improve the quality of my videos, with better light and better sound. I haven't figured out yet how to get some sound on my videos thought. It's not as intuitive as it seems. It is recording but I don't seem to connect it to the video.

Its very good👍🏼

Nice and clear voice

The equipment doesn’t work for me

I returned to the store hopefully get my money back

It’s doesn’t work for me I have to returned

USB to headset connector

It doesn't work at all. I need to return this.