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Great service.

Easy. Fast. And I love the Tripod head. I will be telling all my friends about you.

Photography enthusiasts

Five stars plus. I am extremely happy with this carrier it has so far met all my expectations. I ordered it becouse I was planning a camping trip with my grandkids, which included hiking and rock climbing. The carrier preformed great held my large framed camera in place as needed for the climbing which for me was not much. The hiking was about ten miles round trip and at the end of the hike my legs had had it, but my neck and shoulders were in fine shape and could go for more! Thanks Movo for a great product at a great price.
One con is that I'm not sure if I had a choice of sizes but the carrier was still a little large for me after I took up all the slack in the shoulders. It was still comfortable and kept my camera in place.
My next project is to fly in an open cockpit biplane and my concern was how to secure my camera to me and the plane. I think this carrier will do the trick! Thanks again Movo.
(Footnote: After reading other reviews I found I didn't need instuctions. It was very easy to figure out. However instructions are good.)

This video Light is AMAZING!

Back a few years ago, LED lights cost $700+. This $59 LED light just replaced my big fluorescent video light. Although 1/10 the size, it was actually brighter; enough so that I needed to turn it down a bit. The light is soft enough to not cast harsh shadows, or create bright spots.

Here's a pic of them in action on my Schoeps MK4 & MK41 Capsules -> KCY setups!


Great wireless mic

The wireless mic has very good quality audio and has allowed me to video more action (e.g., walking talking interviews) for my work related videos. Before I had to use a corded microphone which made filming while moving hard (on a tether). The wireless lavalier mic works seamlessly with my google pixel phone--which has excellent video--the mic really enhances the audio quality. The cell phone holder works better than holding the cell by itself (more stability)--I just wish the handle was a little bit longer. It was definitely worth it if you video outside and/or without a tripod.

Awesome bang for your buck windscreens!!!

For the price, these are a no brainer IMO ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘ I have used just about every windscreen known to man, as far as the slip on windscreens are concerned, and these are my favorite ones by far, especially for their low cost!!! They're also extremely well made and the build quality certainly doesn't justify the low price, because Movo could easily charge MORE for their screens if they wanted to (but I hope that they keep their costs low LoL ๐Ÿ˜).

I LOVE the rubber stopper on the back that slides on nice and tight, but doesn't leave any blemishes or marks on my microphones even after very heavy usage the last 5 years or so. But the rubber back on them is just as nice, if not nicer, than even the Rycote equivalent slip on/softie style screens (at least on the older Rycote softie models I've played around with), because they have such a nice and tight grip on the body of the mics, that NO wind or air can get inside the back of the mics & screens, and is one of my favorite things about these. Without shelling out big bucks and going for a blimp or Rycote BBG's, these are plenty good enough for the live location audio recording that I do (aka taping of live music with stereo pairs of Schoeps mics), which is sometimes far away from the stage/speakers. If the wind is THAT severe, there's going to be a good amount of phasing anyway, regardless of the windscreens or blimps used IMO!!!

So far I have used a few models of the Movo screens and have liked them ALL. I currently have/own the WST-50's above, which I love because they're all black and DON'T have any fur covering. Besides, the ballistic nylon design looks really cool too!!!

Overall I HIGHLY recommend these screens, ESPECIALLY for their low cost, and I've already recommended these to a TON of my taper friends, who also really enjoy using these. Thanks again to Movo for making such high quality products for a very reasonable price! You have a lifetime customer from me!!!

Great Sounding System

I almost returned this set.I went back and made adjustments on sound levels on the receiver and transmitter. After I did the test on straight from the receiver to the camera and another from the receiver to a sound devices mix pre 3 I was satisfied with the sound.I will be ordering another transmitter tomorrow. I cant believe I almost sent this back. You have to check things out your self before believing what you read on the net.

Shock Mount replacement

I LOVE my new shock mount. It does the job and looks great. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Surprisingly good!

I recently got a Canon RP, and am using it with adapted EF lenses. I wanted to try extension tubes with the RF-EF adapter, but did not want to invest in an expensive extension tube set since I was unsure of whether the RF-EF adapter would work at all with any extension tubes (I had prior experience with the Sony E-mount to A-mount lens adapters not working with A mount extension tubes, so I didn't want to take too big a chance on the Canon versions).

Surprisingly enough, this inexpensive extension tube works perfectly with both EF lenses that I have tried it on when used with the RF adapter on the RP. I was actually shocked that it worked flawlessly.

One other nice thing; the interior of the adapter has some flocking material on it to keep internal reflections to a minimum, which I think works better than the fine lines cut into the barrel interior in many of the other adapters.

Since this is an all plastic device, I would probably not recommend it if you are hard on your gear, or use it extensively, but I would heartily recommend it for light use. I actually will probably get the metal mount version at some point, since I do use it extensively, and know that it will work well now on my system, after trying this one. However, for the time being, I am happy with this and extremely pleased that it works so well with the adapted lenses that I am working with now.

Best sub $100 gimbal available.

I'm highly impressed with the quality and workmanship. I've been using it every day since it arrived. Fantastic value for the money.


My receiver just stopped working. I had had it for two years already and it had performed wonderfully. When I contacted them about it they were VERY attentive and helped me to resolve the issue. I was very happy with their customer service.

Quick international shipping

Solidly built product!

Nice gimbal head

This is my very first gimbal and so far I like it. Seems like it is built strong except for the piece on the removable plate thread that broke off the first time I used it. No big dealxi always have a coin in my pocket to tighten the screw. Pans easily and all movements are fluid.

A+ Experience

Product was in stock, the online buying experience was efficient and seamless and the shipment actually arrived one day early. Would definitely look to Movo for future purchases.

My Go To Mic!

The fact that this was the fifth one I've bought should say it all. I love these mics! I have one for each of my cameras and I get great sound with every one of them!

Cellphone mic

So far so good. Have not had a chance to do a comparison

MOVO WMIC10 2.4GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System for DSLR Cameras, iPhone/iPad/Android Smartphones, & Camcorders (50-foot Transmission Range)

Hi quality mic for android phone with usb-c jack

The MOVO lavalier microphone has been GREAT for my video projects with my Google Pixel phone. I have been making shorter documentary type interviews. The mic vastly improves the audio quality in my videos and is the only one I could find with the usb-c to work without a special dongle on the phone. It has a long cord which is allows for lots of flexibility. It is a little pricier than the cheaper lavalier mics with the headphone jack, but I think the improvement in sound quality is worth it.

replacement shock mount

I was clumsy and broke my first mount... Found your site and what to order quickly and you guys got it to me in good time. I appreciate the ease of ordering and delivery! Thanks!

GH700 Gimbal Tripod Head - Excellent!

I am VERY pleased with my new GH700 gimbal tripod head. Very smooth action and high-quality construction. My only disappointment is that a travel/storage case is not included with the purchase, which really should be included as part of a quality, professional piece of photography equipment. Heads-Up MOVO team!

Great product

This microphone is awesome! Works great is light weight and compact. The case it comes in is protective and easy to carry around and keeps you organized. If youโ€™re need a wireless mic that is cellphone and camera compatible this is the way to go!

Movo handheld with microphone

I am not super impressed with this product. However, I didn't have many expectations. I wish it came with a tripod to have the ability to hold it or use it as a standstill capture.

Novo Smartphone Video Kit

Great product exceptional and easy to use highly recommend for mobile photography and video

BR101 Compact Bluetooth Button Smartphone Camera Shutter Remote Control

BR101 Compact Bluetooth Button Smartphone Camera Shutter Remote Control

Great Products + Timโ€™s PreSale Product Information

I placed my order as a result of Timโ€™s product information support. He knows the products, he is polite and helpful. Without Timโ€™s additional information I would not have placed my order. Movo Photo and myself do not want to return product. I read your website, then talked to a Tim, deal done.