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Movo Smartphone Video Kit V2 with Wireless Lavalier Microphone

GH400 - Almost Too New to Review

I have not yet made much use of this new accessory for my tripod, but I am expecting that it will allow me to make sharper images of the action subjects I enjoy shooting, e.g., wild birds, air shows, sports car races, etc. The head is well made, but I guess I will need to buy a longer mounting plate in order to get my camera/lens combination (Canon 7D Mark II w/ battery grip and 100-400 mm lens) to balance. It probably would balance without the weight of the battery grip, but I like the additional shooting time it provides since I shoot these subjects on high-speed continuous most of the time. The rotation about the gimbal head's horizontal axis is very smooth, and so is the rotation about the vertical axis of my tripod's ball head - the two work well together. At this point, all is as expected and I'm looking forward to making extensive use of this new piece of gear in the near future.

Nice and heavy very sturdy

I haven’t attached it to my tripod yet because I am not sure how.

Gets the job done

I am an associate producer at a nonprofit and this kit helps out when content needs to be created last second. The audio from the Mic is decent but it's always more about how close the subject is than the Mic sometimes. I give it a 5/5 for quick content creation but this is more for B camera footage.

A sharp little mic with big sound

I use this mic to record IG stories and shoot small videos. It's great for capturing direct dialogue and background sounds depending on what you are going for. It was a huge step up from my phone's microphone. Really recommend!

Movo Wmx1 microphone

It's really good product, works flawless.
Good for making you tube videos.
I am shooting from my android phone it works fantastic. Worth for price.

Ordering process

Item was received quickly and when my husband opens it after Christmas I will have him review the actual items. I appreciated the good communication in the ordering process.

Movo GH400 Gimbal - Great Addition to My Travel Accessories

I already had a full size gimbal, unfortunately it was metal and weighed a ton. It was mounted directly on my heavy duty tripod. Had to take it off when I went out on the road. This carbon fiber half head is light, easy to mount on my travel tripod right on the ball head as pictured. It is now a permanent part of my travel kit. I do a lot of hiking so this was a great buy at the price too.

From the source..............

I bought the Movo blimp from Amazon. When it arrived I could hear a rattling sound in the box.An xlr was broken. A phone call to MOVO to get a new cable was answered very quickly.....then I realized how much more cool items MOVO has on their website,that convinced me that the right thing to do was to create an account and order a new blimp ! The new blimp arrived within a couple of days or so !! I was treated very very well. From now on I will deal with MOVO directly. The blimp itself is awesome !! I have two RODE blimps …..but, MOVO has managed to make a blimp as good , if not better than the RODE. At a surprising cost too. Glad I learned of this great device.Very glad I bought one.

The best

I really love it

Surprisingly Great Wireless Microphone

When I received this microphone, I was Leary of the claim that a sub $100 2.4 Ghz mic could actually transmit 200 and still sound good. Boy was I wrong! This thing worked exactly as advertised, and sounds great!

Does the job

Works really well on my phone, was hoping it would also connect well to my camera as the inputs are the same but unfortunately only works on the phone. I can't really Complain as that is literally what it's meant for I guess.

Love it!

This tool has been so Useful. The sound quality and over all quality is very impressive. I and beyond happy with my purchase.

Omnidirectional movo lavalier condenser microphone

It is easy to use and it sounds excellent. I like it very much.

Very Well Made And Smooth

This is the first gimbal head I've purchased. I probably will not use it all that often, so I did not want to spend big dollars. I did a fair amount of research reading reviews and comparing features and prices. I feel that this was a good choice based on price and quality. It looks well made, and unlike some others it panned and tilted smoothly right out of the box. I am very pleased with its ease of setup and use. I may end up using it more often than originally planned because the weight of a gimbal head will help steady the camera/tripod during night shots.

Surprising solid; field test in February

We purchased this head to use on a Manfrotto 035RL Super Clamp (with a #037 short stud) to clamp to the roof rack of a game viewer vehicle for an upcoming African safari trip. Our initial opinion, though, is that the head is constructed of solid, albeit a bit heavy, materials machined to fairly-close tolerances. The grease in the base is not so thick to hinder the smooth rotation. The top bearing is a bit stiff and the locking knob only turns about 180 degrees from tight-to-loose. The gimbal platform does not "rock freely" when the top knob is fully loose. However, early "playing" with a Canon 5Dm3 and a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS mkii lens on the head led us to conclude that the freedom of motion is quite good for still photography. The mounting "platform" for the camera mount has a stop to keep it from falling off the arm which we lock. However, moving that platform up the "scale" takes some "bumping" to move it so it's something to do once, lock down, and leave. We do like that the outside locking latch for the Arca-Swiss plate has a "stop" if you try to screw it all the way (without applying unnecessary torque) so you might not lose that piece in the field.

Until we get into the field with it in early February, we won't really know how well it holds up. With the "super clamp" and this head, we're adding over 4 extra pounds to our checked bag so we hope it's worth the weight. But we're impressed so far and believe it's a good value. Ordering from MovoPhoto directly was easy and price-competitive. We'll need to get a spare mounting plate or two and potentially a second one of these heads to support the gear & photographers we'll have with us and will try to update the review after the safari.

Works great!

For its price, its a very good filter to prevent wind! It also fits perfectly with my ntg3

Great purchase!

For its price, its a very good filter to prevent wind!

A complete cleaning kit.

This DSLR cleaning kit was much better than I had expected. I have seen kits that cost almost twice as much that do not include every thing that comes with this kit.

Movo WST-R30 Fitted Nylon Windscreen with Acoustic Foam for Zoom, Tascam, and Sony Portable Digit...

I'm very happy with the product.
Well built, refined finish and very efficient.
I strongly recommend the Movo WST-R30.

My best,

Lucianno Pessoa
Brazilian Voice Over

This Coulld Put this Debive into Excelent Mode

This Device needs a Programing Option for Continual Pan Sweep Within ( Set Degree Range, Along with Set Speed ( or Time Interval ) Within the Continual Sweep.

I do On Location Event Videography.

I want to be able to set the Pan Width ( in Degrees ) The Speed of the Pan, and Select Continual, and Let it Operate with Out Any Intervention.

The Pan Device Can Do Continual 360°an, at a Selected Speed.

However, Say I Need Only 60° Pan Width, well then ( 270° Degrees is a Mute Take ) and Increases my Post Edit Time by Having to Exclude the Not Usable Content.

Please !! Add this Programming Option to The Programing Set.

Thank you.. Joe..


I shoot wildlife and I need to carry my equipment on long distances to capture images. The gimbal head completes a sturdy addition to my tripod and allows me to achieve a perfect and fluid balance for my photography work. The gimbal head is constructed expertly and it functions faultlessly in all environments.