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Love it!

I really needed a microphone and I finally got one! The price is great for everything that it comes with. It's so easy to put everything together as well.

Quality VLOG microphone setup w/ cables THRIFTY PRICE

Likes: * Thrifty Price * Nice volume * Complete for VLOG * Dead cat works well well to cut out wind noise * Detailed instructions on how to mount microphone * Cables for both smartphone and camera hookup included

Dislikes: * Microphone will not work with standard smartphone with case on. 9MM base to 3/5MM plug is blocked by phone case and will not fully insert to phone. At first I thought the microphone did not work and almost knocked off a star as I've had to cut my phone case in order use this microphone with my phone in its case.

Yes I'd buy this again. You can tell I'm new to this dead cat thing as you can clearly see mine in the upper corner of my quick video review.

Best mobile mic ever!!!

I've used many mobile mics in the but this is the best by far. Perfect for run and gun interviews. The dead cat filter works like a charm. I actually plan on buying another one of these things. Need to buy another phone to put it on first though, lol. Keep up the good work!! #movolife

Could Provide Better Isolation

This mount is easy to use, but does not provide as much mechanical isolation for my Zoom recorder as I would like. Better than nothing, but some handling vibration gets to the mic.

Solid cable. Terrific service.

Excellent extension cable. Nice and thick and I’m not getting any interference so the shielding works great. Also, superior customer service when I had a special request for delivery. 

GH700 Gimbal Head

Due to the fact that the tilt swing arm assembly does not contain bearings nor fluid the weight of the camera and lens will not return to a horizontal level. Still, for the price, it still is very usable.

Great Little Battery Free Performer

This little thing works like a charm. Don't expect a Ferrari. This is a Honda and it keeps performing and performing reliably. Buy one. Keep it in your kit bag. Don't overload it with weight. You won't be sorry.

Great mic with very high sound quality

I’ve been using this mic for more than a year now and finally decided to write a review because it is absolutely AMAZING! I’ve used it with my iPhone 6s to record a podcast, video interviews and voice-overs for my mobile journalism stories. It ensured broadcast quality for all the abovementioned products. Besides, it is easy to carry around thanks to its small size and convenient packaging. The wire length is enough and the second mic was super useful when I was doing an interview where my questions needed to be heard. Thanks for this great equipment which is helping me so much both in my daily work, my small business, my creative projects, and even a mojo training I attended lately!

Movo 3.5 Mic

We really like the Move Microphone. It is the best mic that we have tried so far. We will buy this again !!

Excellent value

Tested both mics using my Zoom H4n. Excellent sound. Better then I expected.

Incredible Product

I recently upgraded from the WMIC50 at the recommendation of my MOVO technician. This was one of the best equipment choices I have ever made. The quality is incredible, and this product was exactly what I needed to bring our production value to the next level. Thank you so much!

Loving The Freedom This Little Mic Gives Me

I learned about this Movo Lav Mic at Photoshop world. I immediately knew it would help me with a project I'm just starting and I was correct. I love the freedom the long cord gives me and after using it for the first time today, I'm really pleased with the audio I got in my GoPro. I just finished editing and am very happy with the final product. Glad I found out about this and looking forward to moving ahead on my project and the remaining 23 short training videos for my company.

Outstanding-Universal Magic Ball Multi Accessory Adapter

Magic Ball Multi Accessory Adapter is a great addition to your kit. As camera gear and lighting get lighter for rigging this awesome accessory adapter is truly Magic. Reduce your Camera/Lighting footprint.
Local IATSE 600

Perfect for small video cameras

Love this for run and gun hunting!

Excited to Start Using My New Lavaliers

MOVO sent me my new Lavs quickly, within days of ordering, and they look great. Tested, and I can't wait to get them in the field!

Have not used it yet

Came fast looks well built and the price was too good to pass up

Práctico y fácil de usar. Lo uso en todos mis viajes!

Lo usé en mi viaje a Colombia y me encantó! Mejora el audio de mis videos toneladas! Hice un review en español completo en mi canal

Rain cover

Haven’t had the opportunity to truly test yet but it does cover my camera and my big lens


Very sturdy product. Just what I was looking for

Timing Is Everything

Thank you for getting my receiver replacement out so quickly. I left a bad battery in the device and the contact spring corroded off. Needed another one fast before my next job. Came in with time to spare.

Movo GH800

I bought this to install on my monopod. Works Amazing !

Zoom F1LP

So far the sound quality off the zoom is phynominal, I’m not sure how it’s going to work with my project for motovloging but I am looking forward to see how it functions

Works like a charm

Makes our mic recordings sound perfect