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Excelent sound quality!

We were really hoping for a miracle on what concerns our home-styled podcast. Low budget and excelent quality. There even was a thorough search online for the best lavalier mic. There may a couple of options in the market, but nothing like MOVO LV4-O XLR. If you own something like an audio USB interface, this is a no-brainer. We have to highlight its ability to capture the low-mid range (others we searched for only go for the mid-highs) of a human voice, its great signal-to-noise ratio and careful packaging and shipping. We kept receiving e-mails for each step of the way to Portugal, couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!

Wireless microphone

Just received the product but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

Lavalier mic!

How amazing this product is and it’s so convenient for on the go! I love it so much. Can’t wait to use it for my YouTube channel. I highly recommend this product!! Thank you MOVO!

good product with some minor improvement

i order this adapter and when it arrive the box is pretty bit up but the product is fine, i tested it and it work all of the normal function of the lens, I'm empress with the capability of this product but one thing i notice that the cable looks like it will not last long( i hope i am wrong) and the paint is easy to get scratch.performance wise its a 5 star for me but i will give it 4 for some minor improvement, i am happy with it so far

Pleasantly surprised

This is a great product. Well built and sturdy.... the only thing that surprised me was the shipping costs and the more on top at the border I thought this was pretty high and I hadn't experienced it with other American companies... but a super product!

Doesn't fit my hot shoe

It does a great job of noise isolation. Noticeable reduction when manually handling Zoom recorder with a connected grip. However, the cold shoe mount is a major disappointment in two ways: 1) it does not fit the Canon t7i hot shoe...the mount flanges are too thick and the center is too wide, 2) the mount is plastic. Movo, can you do something to help? The main reason I bought this was to mount my Zoom on my DSLR, and I can't do it.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The SMM8 should fit your camera. It may be a manufacturer defect. Our support team will reach out to you for more information!
Above and Beyond

When I got my first MOVO video kit, I accidentally broke the mic shock mount. I went online and ordered a new one. When it came, it was boxed with an entire microphone kit and not just the shock mount. This was my first MOVO purchase and I'm sold. Will be adding to my kit soon!

Movo vxr10 microphone

When compared to the other small mike that everybody wants to use on their gopro I could not have made a better decision. The movo was more affordable and preforms as good or better than the competition. Great addition to my gopro

Great product!

The microphone satisfies my needs for capturing audio in somewhat noisy environments. The size also helps in portability in a mobility environment. I also commend the company for their great feedback and communication, and shipping is awesome.

More than impressed

I saw another shooter use this rig and decided to get one myself. This mount is flexible and easy to use. I appreciate the additional mounting options for microphones and lights. Even the on-board level has proven it's worth. A lot of good thinking has gone into taking this beyond a basic mount to an essential part of a great package. It seems rugged and if it continues perform this well then I'll remain a happy customer.

When you need to be "on the Run"

There are times when to catch the action you need to get shoots from all angles, sometimes using your phone, of DSLR and need to capture audio with matching audio... the MicRig: Universal Video Grip Handle with Built-in Stereo Mic made this easy and fun for me in an a number of productions. It is plastic (that makes it light weight) but strong. the microphone works well, and the Furry Windscreen worked well out doors ( near the beach with high winds.. clean audio) for the price you can't go wrong

Outstanding Audio

I have owned Rode mics. This certainly compares to those. I would easily buy again.

Can't wait!

I've used these before and can't wait to have one of my own!

Best conference microphone!

I got this for my office and I’m very pleased. The audio quality is perfect! Thanks MOVO!

MOVO MC3 3.5mm TRS (Female) to TRRS (Male) Adapter

Exactly as expected!

The " MOVO Dual Shoe Riser Bracket" works and is exactly as expected. Good product, fast shipping, great company!

Happy Nikon Guy.

The Movo GH700 is OK . It has some play in the tilt mechanism that one should be aware of but it’s not a deal breaker by any means . It would have been nice to have the pan and tilt marked on the base for easier pano work . Aside from those two small issues I think the GH 700 is great value and would purchase again . Customer service was exceptional and I am very impressed . I took a chance on the purchase and I am glad that I did . Based on the follow up of my purchase I would highly recommend this company .


I bought this Mic and so far, it is functioning very well! I like the great audio quality, and especially the low price for such a fantastic microphone. 10/10 would buy again


Thanks to the extra time and information you provided via email, I ordered the bean bag with head mounting plate and it works great with my old manfrotto head! I just need to figure out the best filler ratio and then it will be perfect!


High quality, perfect utility and comfort. Love it...

Great product!

The product arrived quickly, and I had plenty of communication along the way. Thanks!!