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VXR10 Video Microphone

"This is my new favorite microphone to recommend, and it's pretty dope."

- Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

BWS1000 Blimp

"If you're shooting outdoors and you do need a blimp to cut down on wind noise, it's great."

- Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

WMX-1 Wireless Microphone

"A device that you could use for smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless camera...this unit is a good fit for a lot of us out there."

- Trey Lowell, Lowell Productions

VXR10+ Smartphone Video Kit

"A nice little filming kit!"

- Josh Quinonez

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Good but could be a bit better

My personal impressions after using the HD version with ring light after 1 week.
The good:
- attractive design
- good resolution
- good sound from mic
- freeze frame when turning off camera
- privacy lens cap

Not so good:
- no exposure adjustment
- colour balance not the best
- desk stand should be taller
- ring light too blue
- privacy lens cap not integrated, just on a piece of string
- headphone output has too much self noise
- nice case, BUT have to remove camera from stand to put in case

My preferred use with iMac:
- use iglasses program from ecamm to adjust video
- place camera stand on top of Pringles Chips tube, to get best height
- using RØDE NT USB Mini on arm, to get mic closer to mouth
- plug headphone into RØDE USB Mini headphone jack (much better sound than fromMovo)

Amazing microphone

Perfect for vedio and audio recording. Small but powerful.

Smart phone recording kid

Smart phone recording kid

Thank you MOVO

The WST50's work great for both my 21mm & 24mm condenser mics. They fit securely, work great, and replace my Shure a81ws.

Great Camera Wrist Strap

Fits great - Seems to be good quality - would recommend highly at this point.

Works as advertised!!

Covered my Neumann km184 no wind noise !!

Literally what I've been looking for and have been for months.

Months ago, I bought a Deity V-Mic Duo 4 hoping I can use it on my point and shoot and my cell phone. Come time find, I cannot use it on my cell phone without some sort of adapter, which even with the adapter, it doesn't give me that double mic feature. Needless to day, I was floored when I found this double mic and it worked magnificently with both my point and shoot AND my cell phone without an adapter. Less expensive than the Deity and it does what the Deity doesn't. I'm floored at how awesome this mic is. I'm a noob YouTuber/vlogger and this mic literally does everything I need to. I do interviews from behind the camera and this mic is excellent for that. If I could've given this mic 6 stars, I absolutely would've. I'm going on a Movo shopping spree to what else I can find. Sorry for the long review.

Movo VXR10-PRO Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone for Cameras and Smartphones

Movo WMX-1 2.4GHz Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Compatible with DSLR Cameras and Smartphones

I can't buy in india

Why you don't selling that item to India , I need that mic


Thank you, love the product so far.

Who could ask for more?

Very fast delivery very well packaged, excellent product, splendid value for the price.

Movo TCB2 XLR (Female) Microphone to TRRS (Male) Smartphone Adapter

Great value

The Movo VXR10-Pro is an excellent value. I believe this microphone perform well above it's price point. The included case and accessories are a nice touch. This microphone captures good fidelity and detail without sounding harsh or granite. The sound is clear and full without having the top treble or muddy bass. You just can go wrong for the price. I’ll quickly summarize. Compact, good build quality, good sound quality and very affordable.

Movo doublemic shotgun microphone

It works fine as advertised. Why is the shock resistant holder painted in “screaming red”? It takes away from the professional look when I am filming and looks like a toy.

Best mic worth every penny

I think no need to tell about the sound quality of this mic..really good..thanks

Best In Its Class

This is the best non-motorized slider out there! Very sturdy but lightweight, and a real work horse when paired with a fluid head. The weighted flywheel is the main star. It lets me get very smooth and extremely slow shots and helps to dampen the stop. Don’t think twice about it, get this one and sell your other slider!

I haven't used it because it doesn't connect to my phone

I thought this would connect to my iPhone. I have another Movo mic I used all the time, and it's great. But this one came with a different connector, and now I have to buy a dongle to use it. A little inconvenient.

SPM100 Mic

I like it. Its so convenient & takes so little space! Its made on the go vids so easy & so much lighter than my old set up

Great products

Awesome products and service, keep it up!

Good mic for iPhone

This mic is great for shooting videos with you iPhone. Has good range and audio quality is great. The only issue is that you would need a lightning port extender if you have a case on your phone. Other than that, this is a great device.