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Novo gh700

Excellent piece works like a charm
Thank you

Customer Service

I had a billing problem with the purchase. After talking with Tim I feel comfortable that the problem has been resolved and that I will be receiving my $25.00 store credit. Great product. have been using it almost daily since receiving it.VERY SATISFIED!!

Customer service

The customer service that I received was top notch. Very knowledgeable and willing to break down the product details without rushing for a sale. The lavalier mic that I bought has great quality audio at a fraction of the price of competitor brands. I will be back!


Great product I was little suspect at first but once received and I use it I was totally satisfied and the price was very economical as well I highly recommend this product

Why I love my Movo Gimbal Head

First it came quickly and in great condition. It was priced better than all the rest and it preforms beautifully. It is quite heavily designed and requires a sturdy tripod so I purchased the 35 lb (load-capable ) Benro Mach3 series to pair up with it and they are flawless in their delivery with no vibration in high winds. I would highly recommend this Gimbal to anyone who needs one.

Simply Smooth

We have a lot of birds in Colorado, especially active in Feb and March. A couple weeks ago, I found myself at the side of a road with 8 eagles in a tree a couple hundred yards away. I had my camera and lens mounted on a pan head that was proving to a little tricky to keep on target. Next to me another shooter with a gimbal head, an EXPENSIVE outside my budget gimbal head!! Later, at home, I decided it was time to find one that suited my needs without laying out a king's ransom. After the usual searches via google and other online blogs, forums, etc, I narrowed my search to a number of heads in the $100-$200 range that had received favorable reviews. Soon I was down to two, the Movo carbon and another. However, the "other" was reported to need a disassembly to remove a lubricant that almost prevented simple maneuvering. I soon found myself on the Movo website looking at what would be my choice, the GH800. Three or four days later, it arrived and I immediately mounted the head on my tripod. My DSLR and 150-600 lens were soon mounted. I was pleased to see how easy it was to balance the camera in order to achieve minimal motion when I took my hands off. All the while, the head was smooth/fluid in both directions. I was more than pleased and look forward to putting it to the real test, BIF at a local lake. I can't see any reason why I won't be a totally satisfied customer. Highly recommended.

Great for vlogging!

I like the versatility of this rig. You can adjust it to fit so many different video scenarios. I personally have been alternating between using it with a mic and LED light for filming some friends and then switching it to a single mount for selfie videos.

Loving my GH800

It was priced right and arrived quickly. The build quality appears to be very good. It sets up quickly and easily, adjusts to different camera bodies and lenses and functions very smoothly. It’s not much heavier then my ballhead.
So far I’m very pleased with the purchase.

MOVO Smartphone Video Kit V7 with Grip Rig, Pro Stereo Microphone, LED Light & Wireless Remote

Happy with the wrist strap

I needed something to hold onto my camera instead of the regular strap. My hands are rather large and I needed something that well made. The leather wrist strap filled the bill. I am happy with the construction and the prompt delivery.

awesome customer service!

I had a little issue in my order (a shipping problem) and Movo was very helpful and supportive. Thanks, Movo!


My gimbal worked perfectly as described on a recent photo shoot.

I love it so nice to Manage and so nice to get around my camera I really recommend it


Hi there... my first contact was to ask if you would honor the 1st time customer discount after I had paid to the quick delivery. I'm extremely impressed with your customer service and will definitely recommend you to my friends. I just picked up my product yesterday and will be mounting on my tripod soon. Thank you for providing outstanding service

Daul shoe mount bracket

The bracket can only be mounted on a camera. To add versatility you should be able to mount it on a tripod.

Reviewing the LV1 Lapel Mic

I've always wanted a label mic or small mic but I didn't realize it would make such a difference. Buy it today. Inexpensive and works great. Fast delivery.


Very good - exactly what I need.

Create Tripod Mount for Smartphones

I have been using this mount for a couple years, and it is awesome. It is rugged, well-build, has a ton of features and adjusts to work with any phone. The shoe mount allows you to add accessories like lights and microphones. It also has screw-mounts to add even more accessories. Little conveniences, like the bubble-level and the cord grips are a great addition. HIGHLY recommend this over the cheap tripod mounts.

Great Product

This microphone improved the quality of my audio on my videos a lot. I am very impressed with this microphone for its price point.

Great Microphones That I Use All The Time!

In he world of microphones that will work with a smartphone, there are not a ton of choices. To me, this is the best choice, in terns of quality and price. This is high quality microphone, that I bring with me everywhere I go, and that I use in my studio, when I shoot my sales videos. It is FAR less expensive than a certain other name brand competitor, for what I believe to be a better microphone. It is VASTLY superior to using dongles and adapters (which I have also tried). And the fact that you can switch from a smartphone lave, to a traditional lab for your other cameras makes this a SMARTer LAV. Not only do I use this mic myself, but I have also included it in packages that I give out to my students and customers, and they all love it.


Best for price and works with my samsung s9, but there is small static sound in the back ground because it is an extremely sensitive mic.

Nikkor Lens Strap Works Great

This was a great solution for mobile photography for sure. Solid build quality and works great.

Great for the price

Nice item at a great price.