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Backpack camera holder

I have done some hiking now with the MOVO backpack camera holder and am quite pleased with it. While I am still a bit worried about bumping into something and damaging the camera, it certainly is better than having it swing back and forth as I walk. The strap holding the camera to the unit could be a touch longer but it is not terrible the way it is. Overall, however, it frees my hands as I hike and that is a huge plus.

Simply the Best!

I am an adventure trekking guide, specialising in wilderness trekking, and the Movo MB200 Backpack Buddy is without doubt the best piece of kit I have used. It is robust, simple to use, eliminates the annoying swinging of your camera and protects your camera from damage. I have just returned from a 10-day trek with 27 trekkers across the rugged Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea; trekking in this terrain demands quick access to your camera, otherwise the moment is missed - the MB200 ensured that I got some great photos for the trekkers to remember their adventure. I can't speak highly enough of the MB200, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who needs to be 'hands-free' but have ready access to their camera.

GH800 love it

I had it now for couple weeeks and used it .I have Nikon D7200 with Sigma 150-600 c lens works great was using ball head this GH 800 Gimbal head the way to go. Quality is good and has easy movement and price is good too love it

Seem so ordinary, but priceless! MOVO CAMERA HUBS.

These are must have - can't use camera vest without them. I got a package of 2 and put in my camera bag as backup.

Awesome Experience!

Great communication/personal care, super decent shipping time, and a fabulous product. I live in Canada and would definitely shop here again. Thank you MOVO

MOVO Camera Lens Bean Bag Does It All Both Here and Abroad!


Last October I went on a photo safari in Kenya. I was told and was well aware that one of the essential items would be some type of camera support other than a tripod. The first thing that came to mind was a bean bag, something I use religiously in my nature and landscape photography when a tripod isn't practical. Upon digging my trusty old bean bag out I found it to be in pretty poor condition and in need of replacement. I had heard about your products through the "grapevine" so I thought I'd give your fullsized MOVO THB04 a shot and boy was I glad I did.

For two straight weeks from sun up to sundown in fair weather and inclement weather I put the MOVO TBH04 through its paces. The MOVO THB04 rode relentlessly strapped to the roof bars of our LandRover (see photo) and never once showed signs of failure and preformed flawlessly. It was always there giving the required support needed for my 600mm lens giving me the ability to obtain tack sharp images!

The added option in using the head mounting plate gives the product another versatile stability dynamic that is perfect for shooting on the go when weight and space are such precious commodities. Everything fits together in a package that is extremely portable and at the ready when needed.

I was so impressed with the MOVO THB04 that I ordered a junior sized one (MOVO THB 03) to supplement my full sized MOVO THB04 for this year's Safari that I will be embarking on in a little less than two weeks.

I would expect it to preform as well as the larger one.

Thank you for marketing such a durable and practical photographic product.


John S

MOVO GH400 Professional Gimbal Tripod Head

This gimbal head is is one of the best I have used.Its light, and works very well. Thank you Movo for giving us a great tool to work with and making affordable.

Great rain cover!

The cover is robust, well done and with useful features such as the transparent window, only thing is it is a little bit small, if you have a big camera like mine with a 3way head tripod, you would dream on few extra inches of material to cover the tripod. Great product!

Solid as a rock and fantastic quality sound output!

I actually got these a couple of years ago. I have used this setup several times in all kinds of environments from windy outdoors to somewhat controlled indoors for "run and gun" to complete setup interviews. All I can say is that these things are awesome all around and solid as a rock. Metal casings. Easy setups. and high quality sound. I use them primarily with my Sony AX-100 along with the dual xlr adapter from Sony. We tested this setup for distance as well and had no problem at about 2/10ths of a mile from transmitter to receiver. This is a fantastic setup - plan on using it for years to come. I even bought the handheld microphone as an option for it all as well.

Couldn't Ask for More!

I would happily recommend this microphone to anybody. The quality is superb for the money. When I am ready to upgrade to wireless, I am definitely considering Movo Photo!

Good product and fast delivery.

Works great like it was described

Decent alternative to More Expensive Brands

This gimbal head is not a precision piece of equipment like those selling for 5 times the price, however, it still gets the job done. I think with some modification it can be made to work quite well. As it is now, the panning function works very well. The tilt function is sloppy, but if you very carefully adjust the knob, the sloppiness can taken out. Not sure if I would purchase again.

Good product but mine came without instructions for use

This MB700 camera carrier vest was bought from Comments there indicated that it came without instructions for use but was well designed for its purpose. I have the same comment, having worked out how to use it and tried it on with my Lumix FZ200 superzoom camera inserted into the holder channel and connected to the safety strap by installing the provided key ring on the camera's closer shoulder strap eyelet. I have not yet used the vest for photography but expect that it will let me walk around taking photos without getting a sore neck from the camera's weight on its Lumix strap (which I am keeping on the camera for occasional use without the vest and as a secondary protection against dropping the camera while using the vest if I forget to connect the vest's safety strap to the camera). I did not find any provision on the vest for storing the metal key that is provided for tightening the screw of the (carefully-aligned) black plastic vest-contact disk into the tripod screw hole of the camera, but the small hole in its handle enabled me to put it on the cord that attaches my lens cap to the camera so that it will be readily available to re-tighten the screw when it loosens or if I need to remove the disk to mount the camera on a tripod.

Lavalier microphone

Perfect replacement for my original Movo mic.

MB1000 Camera Harness With Side Holster

I am very pleased with the harness. It is an excellent value for the price. Many thanks, Bill C.

Excellent Choice

If you are a Indie cameraman, is the right choice to have a rig

Glad I own the MB200!

Hi! I just finished the Rocky Mountain Marathon with Voice of Wilderness outfitters.
It is a 50+ mile backpack trip in the Wimenuche wilderness in Colorado near Pagosa Springs.
I used the MOVO MB200 Universal Camera Holster backpack attachment system to carry my Canon 7D Mark II for 5 days.
I have to say, your product performed spectacularly throughout the entire trip.
I've attached a photo of me with the MB200 on my pack.
You'll notice I used a small piece of paracord to secure the holster to the pack strap in the exact position I wanted it.
My camera/lens combination was heavy enough that friction alone between the MB200 and the pack strap was not sufficient to keep the MB200 in place.
It was great having my camera readily available throughout the entire trip.
Thanks for making the MB200.

excellent product

I just used it in a coverage and the harness is really excellent. The first class amterial. Thank you very much

very good service

mi compra fue atendida en tiempo y los productos llegaron antes de lo prometido , muy bien :)

I'm extremely satisfied.

All I bought was a couple of lens hoods for Canon EF lenses. MUCH lower cost alternatives to genuine Canon items, They fit like a glove. I can't imagine why the genuine article should cost so much. And free shipping I'm glad I discovered MOVO.

MOVO VXR10 Universal Cardioid Condenser Video Microphone!

Very good! Thanks MOVO

Movo GH400 gimbal

This is an awesome piece and good for light travels. It saves space and weight. Easy and quick to install on the tripod and moves flawlessly even with a sigma 150-600 sport and a canon 6d mark 2 with battery grip.

My Movo experience

I have two Movo products! The reverse Auto-Focus Macro Lens Adapter works just as I would expect (that is a big positive). and a gimbal head. Both work exceptionally well.