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VXR10 Video Microphone

"This is my new favorite microphone to recommend, and it's pretty dope."

- Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

BWS1000 Blimp

"If you're shooting outdoors and you do need a blimp to cut down on wind noise, it's great."

- Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

WMX-1 Wireless Microphone

"A device that you could use for smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless camera...this unit is a good fit for a lot of us out there."

- Trey Lowell, Lowell Productions

VXR10+ Smartphone Video Kit

"A nice little filming kit!"

- Josh Quinonez

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Very good overall

After spending a few years as a full time professional cinematographer, I was curious to see what type of lens this would be, for such a modest price. The optics are good and the build quality is excellent. I found it a bit difficult to keep the lens perfectly centred/attached to my iPhone, but I that's more of a problem with the overall 'Smartphone' format........Honestly,. I'm very impressed and pleased with my purchase.

Fast delivery

Purchased the wrong item. Did not have the item I wanted.

Almost Perfect

This Move Wind Muff is very good but It could be very much improved if it was tailored better, i.e The on-off switch on the mic can’t be seen when the muff is on the Mic. More clearance in that area would be much welcomed.

Wireless Mini DUO | Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System for Camera | Movo

the Movo is a great product!

I'm sure the product is fine but BEWARE for Samsung users; these will not work for mic inputs with TRS or TRRS outputs. It's a frustrating journey I've been on, don't bother with this product if you mean to use it in tandem with Samsung.


I find this microphone to be overrated on it Advertising. Johnny

IVlogger Kit with Tripod

This product is great and I am very happy with Movo as a company.

Quality seems good for what I am using it for.

Quality seems great and shipping was almost instant. Happy with my purchase for sure.

Excellent Mic

Perfect mic for the Insta360 X3.

Everything seems great. I wish there would’ve been an adapter for my iPhone included.

Product not received

Hi, I did not received the said product yet. It has took already more than enough time.
Best regards,
Imran Khan

Does not Work

Out of the box, was dysfunctional...no recording input to software. When hooking up my predecessor mic, records as always.

Wireless Mini DUO | Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System for Camera | Movo

Terrible sound quality and poor support

In addition to what is written in the description of the microphone that it is intended for streaming, this is not the case, it is not intended for communication between two people, you can stream only one way, but you will not hear what your interlocutor is saying. If you want to send the microphone back, you will have to pay for the return shipment. The support responds for a long time and tries in every possible way to prove that this microphone is not for streaming, contrary to what is written on their website. I highly do not recommend the Movo microphone.

For the most part, the iVlog1+MV-T5 does what I need. I am using this to vodeo furniture refinishing projects.. I am using this with a Samsung S23. phone. The phone attachment needs to be improved, If I mount the phone so that the front camera is facing me it works fine. If I want to use the rear cameras, there is no convenient way to mount the phone and still be able to get to the camera controls easily. Also the remote Bluetooth to start the video seems to only work if it is help close to the phone. If I am 4-5 feet away, it usually doesn't start the vide when the button is depressed. This means I have to be pretty close to the phone and then I have to clip the video to hide me clicking on the remote. Mic works fine and the additional lens that can be attached to the phone works great. All in all, a good product.

Sent wrong iVlogger

I ordered an iVlogger for my iPhone 14 and instead was shipped one for Android. No response yet.

Hidden Shipping Costs and Disappointing Experience

I recently purchased a product from this company, and while the product itself is almost okay (the quality of the recorded sound is not great), the overall experience left me disappointed. What really caught me off guard were the hidden costs associated with the purchase.

Upon the arrival of the package in the UK, I was informed by the shipper (DHL) that I had to pay an additional £50 as an import tax. Unfortunately, this information was not communicated upfront during the purchase process. It's disheartening to discover such unexpected fees only when the package is at my doorstep.

Transparency is key in any transaction, and it's crucial for businesses to be upfront about any additional charges customers may incur. I believe it's a matter of principle to disclose such information beforehand, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

PC-M6 | Podcasting Microphone XLR 3.5mm W/ Pop Filter | Movo

Attachments needed

This product wasn’t clear that you must order the extensions for I phones they are an added expense before ordering this item , be prepared to spend an added cost and order your extensions or they will not work for I phones

Everything works well but there’s no clear instructions on setting up or all the features and that creates for an upsetting set up

A slight problem I hope you'll help me resolve

First of all, thank you for asking for my feedback.
I received my product, but unfortunately, the receiver was broken. the shell was in two pieces and when I picked it up, the internal pieces fell out.
I couldn't put it back together, so I asked our engineering department (I work at a TV station) to see if they could repair it. They used glue to put the shell back together, but unfortunately the receiver does not work.
I should have reached out to you and sent it back right away. Now that my engineering team has used glue to repair it, I'm reluctant to send it back... I'm not sure you will - - or should - - accept it.
I really do need this product - I've had a previous Movo microphone that I loved.
Please accept my apology for not reaching out to Movo first, and guide me on how I might now resolve this problem.
Thank you.