Smartphone Video Kits

Shoot, edit, and upload on the go! Smartphone video kits are portable studios for vloggers and content creators who want to take their mobile filmmaking to the next level.

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What’s inside a smartphone video kit?

Our smartphone video kits are comprised of accessories that help you create and share content in real-time. We have affordable handle-and-mic setups like the Movo PR-2-PM, as well as all-in-one bundles like the SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit, which includes a professional stereo mic, LED ring light, and wide-angle lenses. 

Smartphone rig kits will come in handy if you’re a content creator who regularly uploads instant videos. These are some of the essential mobile filmmaking accessories that you can use. 

Shotgun Microphones

shotgun microphone lets you record audio even when there’s a distance between you and the sound source. When choosing a microphone for smartphones, consider plug-and-play designs that don’t require batteries. They’re usually compatible with Androids, iPhones, and DSLR cameras with a 3.5 mm socket. 

Lavalier Microphones

If you do interviews for your vlogs, lavalier mics or lapels are ideal for you. Battery-free plug-and-play models will let your subjects move freely while making sure that you get crisp speech and dialogue straight from the source. 

Grip Rigs and Handles

Smartphone video rigs help you stabilize your phone as you focus on your subjects and move between scenes. We recommend models with an adjustable wrist strap for added safety and padded handles for an ergonomic, comfortable grip.

Tabletop Tripods

Lightweight tabletop tripods give your smartphone proper balance and control. Tabletop tripods provide stability, whether you’re shooting song covers at home or streaming live from an outdoor location. 

LED Lights

There are LEDs that are compact but ultra-bright to ensure that your subject is lit correctly. Here’s one of our top choices: the Movo Smartphone Video Kit V7, which has 30 LED lights to illuminate any scene in three different settings. Choose this complete bundle if you want to boost both your lighting and audio.

Cables and Adapters

Most of our smartphone video kits have microphone cables or TRS-TRRS adapter cables that allow you to connect external microphones to your mobile device. Sets with battery-operated add-ons come with charging cables as well.

Which smartphone accessory bundle is best for me?

The best smartphone video kit depends on your priority. If crystal-clear audio matters a lot, get a bundle that comes with a professional mic, like the Movo Smartphone Video Kit V7.

If you want to add an extra layer of support and mount more accessories, we suggest the dual-grip rig from the Movo PR-2 VLOGGER. And if poor lighting is a constant problem, fix it with the Movo PR-2 CREATOR, which has 54 high-powered LEDs, stackable design, adjustable output levels, and diffusing filters.

To make sure you have all aspects covered, get the stylish SmartCine, the all-in-one answer to your mobile filmmaking needs. It puts the essential features of a mini-studio in a compact design minus the complicated setup. It has a pro mic for precise audio recording, a ring LED for flattering illumination, and extra lenses for a touch of fun. The SmartCine works on Apple and Android smartphones, making it a top choice for any user and any shooting condition.

Level up your mobile videos with one of our smartphone video kits. Check out our full collection of professional video equipment for more great gear.