Shotgun Microphones for DSLR and Smartphones

Find the best shotgun microphone for your camera in our wide selection of audio recording devices. Whether you’re shooting outdoors or in a studio, get crisp audio without the unnecessary noise.

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Whether you’re a professional looking for a top-notch setup or new to videography and looking for a high quality, affordable shotgun microphone to get started, we’ve got it all! Key features include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable-to-use mics
  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality sound
  • Universal options
  • Stylish look

Movo takes pride in providing equipment specially catered for creators like you, so we make sure to give a great variety for different audio and video needs.

How to Shop Shotgun Mics for iPhone, Android or DSLR

Some of the things that you should consider when choosing the best shotgun microphone are your camera, the ideal size, and how you’ll use it. Professional videographers may require large models to go with their bulky equipment. Outdoor sets may benefit from accessories like a windscreen, which acts as a muff that cancels out the sound of blowing winds. On the other hand, vloggers and action videographers may opt for mics with u-shaped rigs to be able to hold the camera and record with ease while moving or chasing movement. Keep in mind also that shotgun mics for DSLR and shotgun mics for iphone/android are different.

There are many ways to find the right microphone for you, make sure to do your research and see what others think.

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What is a Shotgun Microphone?

A shotgun microphone is a directional microphone that can record clear audio when pointed directly at the sound source. Shotgun mics have narrow pickup patterns that block off-axis sounds, thus removing unwanted noise. Shotgun mics use unidirectional microphones to be able to concentrate on the sound source. So, it works best if placed right in front of the source instead of the side or back. The shotgun microphone got its name because its body is shaped like a shotgun’s barrel. And just like a gun, you must point this microphone directly to its target source to be able to pick up sounds effectively

How Does a Shotgun Microphone Work?

Shotgun microphones work by having a supercardioid polar pattern, which means they pick up sound from sound sources directly in front of them and reduce noise coming from everywhere else. By aiming the mic into a specific direction, you can pick up noise from that specific direction.

Shotgun mics operate on the principle of waveform interference. The interference tube, which is placed at the front of the mic capsule, is what gives shotgun microphones the ability to repel sound outside the main source.

What is a Shotgun Microphone Used For?

Shotgun microphones are commonly used for interviews, speeches, lectures, performances, and video demonstrations. If you want your video’s subjects to speak and move freely without holding a mic, you can record their voices with a shotgun mic attached to your camera. This way, the speaker can focus on talking without being prompted to pick up and put down a microphone from time to time. This type of microphone also works if you have to switch between speakers or focus on different sound sources at the same time.

How Do You Use a Shotgun Microphone?

Depending on the model you choose, you would normally use a shotgun microphone by attaching it at the top of your camera so that you can point it directly in front of the speaker or any sound source.

A shotgun mic for DSLR cameras and camcorders is fastened to the upper part of the device via a shock mount. Then the sound is transmitted to the camera through a pin plug. Smartphone shotgun mics have more varied models. They can come with a mounting clamp that grips the phone in place.

Specific usage may vary depending on model, size, and unit. But regardless of what you use, always remember this to ensure precise recording: point the mic in front of the sound source and keep it within a reasonable distance.

What is The Best Shotgun Microphone for Video?

Determining what the best shotgun microphone for Video is will be different based on whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR. Movo’s best shotgun mic for Smartphone is The DoubleMic, while the best shotgun mic for DSLR would probably be the VXR10-PRO. DSLR and Smartphone devices essentially have different use cases, so they require microphones with different properties for these use cases, too:

  • Shotgun Mic for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders: These are high-quality shotgun microphones designed to be securely mounted on DSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders.
  • Shotgun Mic for iPhones and Android Phones: These are compact shotgun microphones made for enhancing the sound quality of videos shot entirely with a mobile device.
  • If you have both, a universal shotgun microphone might be great for you. Universal models like our best-selling Movo VXR10 are compatible with DSLR cameras, mobile phones, tablets, camcorders, audio recorders, and laptops.

How Far Away Can You Stand From a Shotgun Microphone?

How far away you can stand from a shotgun microphone depends on the microphone you get. Product descriptions usually specify a microphone’s range. Most cheaper shotgun mics have a range of three to four feet, while more expensive shotgun mics will have a range of six to ten feet. If you are unsure what the range of your mic is, you can always test it out before using it in a professional setting.