Business Questions
Q. What warranty do I have on your products?
A. All of our products feature a standard 30-day return period and a 1-year manufacturers warranty against any defects. Reach out to support@movophoto.com for help.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We're based in Los Angeles, California

Q. Can I call you with a question?

A. Yes, welcome phone calls! You can reach us 1-800-354-1739, from 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific time, Mon - Fri.

Q. Can I buy something in person at your office?

A. We're exclusively an online only retailer. You can purchase MOVO products on our website.

Technical Questions
Q. I purchased the WMIC50 system and would like to add a second microphone, is this possible? A. While the WMIC50 system is configured for a 1-to-1 relationship, we do offer dual models. Please ask us at Support@movophoto.com.
Q. I have a wireless system paired with a camera and I am experiencing interference, what can I do? A. Turn the camera volume down to the lowest audible setting and rely only on the volume controls on the microphone. Sometimes the competing signal causes distortion.
Q. I have purchased your wireless system but would like to use my own third party microphone and not the included lavalier, does the system support this? A. Yes! Just verify that your connection, whether XLR or 3.5mm is supported.
Q. Does the GM100 adapter for GoPro accessories also work with micro USB connectors? A. No, sorry. Go Pro uses a proprietary connection, we can only guarantee compatibility with GoPro equipment. Q. I have purchased the Movo LV1 Lavalier Clip on Microphone for Cameras and Smartphones and Cannot get it to work for my phone, what should I do? A. Make sure you are using the LV1 in OFF/ Smartphone mode, which will rely on the phones power for operation. Q. I have an iPhone7 without a headphone jack, am I able to use external microphones like the PM10? A. Yes! All products using a 3.5mm jack will work normally with the 3.5mm to Lightning
Q. What is the difference between the Saramonic UWMIC9 and UWMIC10 series? A. As far as operation the two systems are identical, the UWMIC9 is a newer version that operates on a different frequency.
Q. I am looking for a Wireless Microphone system that will allow me the flexibility interchange lavalier and handheld microphones, what can you tell me? A. I would recommend the UWMIC80 system, dual wireless system with inputs for both XLR and 3.5 mm microphones. The package includes everything you need to achieve this.
Q. I am filming outdoors and even with the foam windscreen I am getting unwanted wind/background noise, what can you recommend to solve the problem? A. One suggestion is adding a furry windscreen to your microphones to add additional noise diffusion, you can also try to configure the audio settings on the microphone. Q. What are the major differences in the GH700 and the GH800 Gimbal Tripod Heads? A. The GH700 is a gimbal tripod head with aluminum construction supporting equipment up to 30 pounds, while the GH800 is made from a lighter carbon fiber material and supports a heavier payload, over 30 pounds of equipment.