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Microphone Shock Mounts

Prevent camera handling noise from ruining your audio. Use a microphone shock mount, and adjust cam settings without picking up sound from every movement.

Why You Need a Shock Mount

Anyone who’s ever shot a video knows the frustration of capturing the perfect scene, only for it to be ruined by a weird sound. Imagine recording a moving speech, and then hearing robotic zooming noises muffling out the most quotable line.

Microphone shock mounts prevent those from happening by absorbing vibrations that may otherwise get picked up by the microphone and distort your audio. These vibrations can come from pulling focus and pulling zoom on the lens, or touching any dial, knob, and button on your camera body. 

On-cam microphones can catch every press, stroke, and bump, which translate to noise in your output. Some mics are more sensitive to unwanted sounds, and they may require special types ofshock mounts to be able to record clean audio.

Universal Shock Mounts for Microphones and Digital Recorders

Universal mic shock mounts are a sensible choice if you work with multiple audio recording devices. These mounts can fit any microphone or recorder with a 1/4" thread and can be attached to most cameras and tripods.

Designs like the Movo SMM5 can support digital mics and Zoom portable recorders with its four-point suspension system. This minimizes the impact of camerawork while letting your device sit securely and free from restraining rubber wraps.

Shock Mounts for Shotgun Microphones

Long devices like shotgun mics are more suited for ring-like shock mounts like the Movo SMM1. It also features a four-point suspension system with rubber bands that can grip microphones measuring 3/4 to 1" in diameter. 

When choosing anti-vibration mounts in this style, check the fit of rubber bands around your mic. You don’t want it too tight that it defeats the purpose of using a shock mount to isolate vibration. It also shouldn’t be too loose that the microphone easily slides off when you tilt the camera. Test and adjust the band as needed.

Shock mounts
are simple ways to keep your sounds clean and smooth. If you have other audio needs, find the solution on our complete microphone accessory page.