Zoom Portable Digital Recorder Kits

Record interviews, lectures, meetings, podcasts, and music using trusted Zoom products. Never miss a word and share files easily with Zoom audio equipment bundled with Movo accessories.

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There are plenty of ways to record audio now thanks to technological advancements, but if you’re looking for the best way to record and store your audio, you’ll want to invest in a Zoom recorder. This line of products will take your sound quality to the next level and make editing even easier.

Before purchasing your Zoom recorder, consider the type of microphone that you’ll be using, as you want to make sure that it’s going to be compatible. Most of these digital recorders have a built-in microphone, but others allow you the option to connect your own mic, which means you can swap out different mics for different purposes. Determine whether the standard stereo microphone will suit your needs or if your project requires a more specialized type of microphone and additional audio accessories.

Know what type of audio files you want or need to record. Most digital records can record audio in the form of MP3 and Waveform (wav) files. Both of these are common formats that will make it easy for you to save and upload audio anywhere.

Although digital recorders have the option to play back the audio on the device, you are going to need to upload your recordings to your computer in order to properly edit, transfer and share your files. When purchasing your Zoom recorder, be sure to look for a model that features USB ports and external memory card slots to make transferring data simple and easy.