Professional Audio Accessories & Gear

Find audio gear for all your needs, whether you need a shotgun microphone for your latest film project, wireless lavaliers for a vlog, or an audio recorder for your podcast.

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Before choosing any type of professional audio equipment, you should first define what you want to do with it. Is it for a film you are making? Is it for on-the-go vlogs you’ll be shooting with your smartphone? A musical performance? Do you intend to shoot on a busy street, in a fully equipped recording studio or inside your garage? Lastly, will you be pairing your audio accessories with a mobile device, a camera or both? The environment in which you’re shooting will greatly affect your audio quality and may require different types of equipment to get crisp, clear sound. 

Movo features a variety of audio gear so you can find the accessory that works best for your device. From microphones and recorders to accessory add-ons, we make it easy to find the best pro audio equipment no matter what project you’re working on.

If you’re looking for an external microphone for your phone, considerchecking out our smartphone audio accessories. Searching for audio gear that is GoPro-approved?Browse our GoPro audio accessories to find compatible add-ons. Feel free to look through Movo’s extensive collection of audio gear to find the best pro audio equipment for your next project!