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Wireless & Wired Lapel Microphones

Find the best lavalier microphone to suit your needs in our wide range of options below, and get helpful tips and information for using your lav mics. Lavalier microphones, or lav mics, are tiny mics that you have probably heard called a number of different names, including lapel mics, body mics or collar mics. Each of these names was derived from places where you can clip these small, powerful devices. Ultimately, lav mics are great for TV and public appearances and are commonly used during interviews or for recording film audio. Vloggers and podcasters enjoy using them, too.

Crocodile or alligator clips are used to easily attach the mics to clothing. They can also be attached with tape. Lav mics can be taped to clothing such as a shirt or cap, to the person’s skin, or even hidden in people’s hair.

Lavalier microphones are very beneficial for a number of reasons: They’re small and discreet and can remove the need for handheld mics or boom mics. Both you and the other speakers can speak into the mic hands-free, allowing for greater focus on the interview or content creation.

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