XLR Mic Smartphone Adapter


Record and monitor any 3.5mm TRS microphone with your smartphone. TRRS cable splitter offers microphone input and headphone output.

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  • Allows you to connect your standard XLR (female) microphone connector to your TRRS (4-pole) smartphone
  • Adds a Headphone Monitoring Input (Optional). To use this feature, you must use an app that allows "headphone monitoring" while using a microphone
  • Phantom Power Blocking
  • Impedance-matched TRRS cable for mobile devices
  • 1-Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.
The Movo TCB2 XLR to TRRS Adapter is designed to allow you to connect a standard XLR microphone and a headset to your smartphone. With the XLR microphone, you can record high-quality audio straight from your phone. With the headphone jack, you can plug in a headphone to monitor the sound quality simultaneously while using a microphone. Without this feature, you have to remove the mic to review the recorded audio. To use the real-time headphone monitoring feature, you may need to download an app to allow “headphone monitoring” on your smartphone.

The TCB2 Adapter features gold-plated connectors, impedance-matched TRRS cable for mobile devices, in addition to shielded construction. It also includes a 1-Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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Leslie S.

XLR (F) Mic to TRRS (M) Smartphone Adapter | TCB2 | Movo

Frank B.

Movo TCB2 XLR (Female) Microphone to TRRS (Male) Smartphone Adapter

Werner P.
The strangest cable but...

Awesome quality and solved a problem I had perfectly!

Raul v.

How can I give In-Puts, I did not receive the item, up to now.

Randolph G.

Can’t review yet! Still await shipment!

Dave C.
Have not received.

I have not received this yet

Gregory H.

Great product but wrong application.my fault. Will buy again when needed

Daniel L.
The Perfect Fix

We had to go from our sound system with an xlr into an Ipad for streaming and this was the perfect solution. Got it much faster than Amazon right now!

Rance A.
Still figuring it out

It's not in my regular rotation of apparatuses that I use...I wanted to be able to use a handheld mic for some of my shoots. I've used it a couple of times...Still trying to figure out some of the tweaks, but the few times I have used it...worked pretty well.