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Camera/Video Equipment & Accessories

Find photography gear and video equipment for your DSLR, mirrorless, video cam, and smartphone. Improve lighting, stability, and creativity with these accessories. 

Take amazing photos and videos with camera gear that lets you expand the boundaries of photography and filmmaking. From stabilizing equipment to lighting assemblies, we have affordable and high-quality accessories for storytellers and creators like you. See which of these items answer your camera needs.

Lens Accessories

Enhance your lens’ capacity and protect its parts with add-ons like lens cases, extension tubes, and matte boxes.  

Extension Tubes

Extension tubes are macro photography gear that enables regular lenses to take astonishing closeups. Stack them up to magnify your subjects, achieve focus, and frame the ideal shot even when shooting at a very close range. These are great for beginners who want to get into macro photography but want to try things out before investing in macro lenses. Use extension ring sets for product shoots, food styling, and nature photography. 

Matte Boxes

Matte boxes are camera accessories that are attached to the end of the lens to block excess light that may cause haziness and flare. They function almost the same as lens hoods; the difference is that they are bigger and have movable, adjustable flaps. Most matte boxes are made for professional use, like the Movo MB400 MK II. Its anti-reflection and flare control features make it an important addition to most filmmaking sets. 

Lighting Accessories

Make your subjects stand out with flash accessories that illuminate poorly lit locations and sets. Add the right amount of light and control its effects with our softboxes, LED lights, and light bouncers.  

Softboxes and Light Bouncers

When your camera flash produces extreme highlights and unflattering shadows, attach a softbox or light bouncer to modify the light. These are must-haves for portrait photographers who want to have better control over bursts of light and use them to accentuate the physical assets of their subjects. Softboxes spread and diffuse harsh light to increase its output size and soften shadows. Light bouncers are also used to distribute and soften flash, but it does so by redirecting the light to a wider area.

LED Lights

Portable LED lights are lifesavers in photoshoots and video coverages where the natural lighting is not enough. They can be mounted on DSLR cameras and camcorders through a built-in shoe mount. A powerful but lightweight option is the Sevenoak SK-LED160B, a battery-powered on-camera LED that supplies clear, white 5600K light. Some units are conveniently bundled with rigs or tripods to fit within smaller budgets and to lessen the overwhelm of finding the gear that is compatible with each other. This one by Saramonic puts a 160-LED light assembly onto a foam-padded aluminum rig to transform smartphones into a video-making powerhouse.

Rods and Brackets

Lastly, we have rods and brackets that allow you to mount additional camera equipment to your photo or video setup. The Movo HVA20 Dual Cold Shoe Mount Bracket has shoes for monitors, lights, and microphones. It is also available for attaching the bracket to a rig, tripod, or other brackets with a 1/4"-20-threaded mount. Dual shoe mount brackets are perfect for doubling your flash power and attaching professional microphones. 

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