Camera Flash Accessories

Illuminate your subjects and bring out their best features using the right camera flash accessories and produce beautiful images even in low-light situations.


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We do photography by drawing and controlling light to produce images. And by light, we mean both your natural sources and artificial setup, including your camera’s flash. But there are times when even our lighting gear gives us a hard time achieving a look we’re aiming for. 

The flash may render harsh shadows and stark, unflattering contrasts. For instances like these, we must use camera flash accessories. Softboxes, light bouncers, and the like diffuse and soften strong light to bring out the subject’s best features.

What kind of camera flash accessories should I buy?

Accessories for flash photography can be grouped into two: modifiers and connectors. The best gear to get depends on the type of shoots you do. If you are into portraits, macro, food, and product photography, the following camera accessories should work for you.

Camera Flash Modifiers

Light bouncers like the Movo SB11 and softbox flash diffusers like the Movo SB4 belong to the flash modifier category because they alter the way the light comes out to cast a softer glow onto your subject.

The difference between softboxes and light bouncers is that softbox diffusers filter strong flash to give you gentle illumination, while light bouncers redirect and distribute flash to keep glare from collecting at a certain spot.

If you want a universal design for the different pieces of equipment you use, get the Movo SB16, a lightweight and easy-to-attach softbox that’s ideal for fast-moving shoots.

Camera Flash Cords and Mounts

Of course, your lighting setup would only perform best if your devices are properly connected to each other. Ensure strong communication between your camera and flash using camera flash accessories like shoe adapters, shutter triggers, and TTL cords.

The Movo SCA2 connects external flash and other accessories that can be shoe-mounted, such as lights, triggers, and microphones. This is a must-have for photographers with Sony Alpha gear. 

If you’re looking for a heavy-dutyoff-camera flash cord for your Canon equipment, we recommend the Movo FC20C, a connector that provides full TTL control to your flashgun when used with Canon SLR cameras with the TTL hot flash shoe. Its coiled cable extends to over 50 inches when stretched, allowing you to position your flash easily when shooting from a tripod. 

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