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Camera Lens Accessories

Shop affordable lens accessories like extension tubes, cleaning kits, and follow focus clamps. Great choices for protecting your camera and enhancing your shots.

Looking for camera gear to protect, clean, or enhance your lenses? We have affordable, high-quality choices here, for both beginners and pros. 

No matter what stage you’re at in the world of photography, we’d bet that you know that the lens is one of the most important parts of your camera. The quality of your images depends on it! Even the most basic camera body can produce astonishing photographs if fitted with a good lens. Conversely, the most advanced camera body today won’t give you quality shots if paired with incapable, poorly maintained lenses.

So how do you take care and boost your camera’s eye? Start with these lens accessories.

Extension Tubes

If you want to venture into macro photography but can’t get a dedicated macro lens just yet, try using  extension tubes. They are economical alternatives to macro lenses that allow you to take closeup photos of tiny objects with just a regular lens.Extension rings or macro tubes are well-suited for hobbyists, food stylists, and product makers who want to showcase the beautiful details of their work. Extension tubes often come as a set of three rings with different lengths. Use them separately or combine them to adjust the magnification level you need.

Lens Cleaning Kits

Shoot outdoors often? Your camera lens is likely riddled with dust, mist, and other filth, which can easily find their way to the sensor when you swap lenses. If left unchecked, expect to see random dots and smudges on your photos and videos. 

Prevent that from happening by regularly cleaning your camera. Start with the front of your lens, the part that gets exposed to wear and tear the most. Wipe away moisture and fingertip marks with microfiber cloths. Then use an LED-lit ultra-soft sensor cleaning brush to find dirt and gently clean the sensitive surfaces of your sensors. To make sure you don't miss any pesky particle that you wouldn't normally see with your naked eye, use sensor loupes. Get them individually, or save up with a DSLR camera cleaning kit containing a cleansing liquid, swab, airbrush, and everything else you need to keep your camera in good shape. 

Follow Focus

If you love making mini-movies or montages of your outdoor adventures, you’ll enjoy it even more with a follow focus. It’s a lens accessory that locks the focus onto your subject even if it moves or when you zoom in. We have a simple,  universal lens clamps that fit any lens, as well as a  mechanical follow focus system with hard stops that best suits professional filmmakers.

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