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Smartphone Video Kits

Shoot, edit, and upload on the go! Smartphone video kits are portable studios for vloggers and content creators who want to take their mobile filmmaking to the next level.

Deciding which smartphone accessory bundle is right for you depends on your exact filming needs. If you’re looking to use your smartphone for  vlogging or other major video projects, you’ll definitely want a smartphone video kit that includes a tripod, which will help stabilize your phone to keep the shot steady and looking professional.

If you’re using your smartphone to film any videos with audio, you’ll definitely want a kit that includes some type of microphone and  even a windscreen. While the camera quality on most mobile phones is very good, the microphone’s ability to capture crisp, clear audio is not. An external mic will help improve sound quality and enhance your films. 

Consider what types of projects you’ll be filming most on your smartphone to determine the right iPhone video kit for you–with external microphones, grip rigs and tripods.