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Camera Video Microphones

Be heard loud and clear. Complement your videos with high-quality sound recorded straight from your portable on-camera microphone and audio system.


Your DSLR or mirrorless camera is compatible with several different types of camera microphones, but the best type will be dependent on what you are planning to film.Shotgun microphones are very often used with  cameras because they can be mounted directly onto the camera, allowing the speaker to move around without the need to carry a mic. These types of cameras are great at picking up sound from a distance and have been specifically designed to be used with DSLR cameras.

Another type of camera mic that can be used without tethering to the speaker of a wired mic is alavalier or lapel microphone. These tiny mics can be clipped directly to a person’s shirt, allowing them to be hands-free while still picking up crisp audio. These types of mics are often used in interviews or on-stage performances.

Once you’ve found the perfect camera mic for you, don’t forget to invest in some accessories to further improve sound quality,such as windscreens and shock mounts.