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Microphone Recording Sets

Get all the gear you need in one camera microphone bundle or studio microphone set. The best audio accessories put together to give you impressive sound quality for a great price.

Sound is half the experience in films, but in many cases, its role is more important than to support visuals. Audio adds depth and gives viewers a better idea of what’s going on in a scene. No matter how great your story idea is, the strong message and effective imagery would be worthless if paired with substandard audio.

We get that topnotch audio gear can be expensive. But it’s more costly to render your whole video pointless because of the bad audio that comes with it. To help you address both quality and budgetary concerns, we’ve rounded up these microphone recording sets for your movies, interviews, performances, and more.

Microphone Sets for Smartphones

Level up your mobile videos with accessories that pick up only the sounds you want and eliminate unwanted noise in the process. Get smartphone video kits that come with a powerful microphone for recording, plus windscreens for keeping distortions at bay during outdoor shoots. Choose bundles with rigs for mounting the mic securely, as well as additional lights, cables, and adapters for a complete mobile studio setup.

For a simple audio solution, we recommend the best-selling Movo PR-2-PM, which consists of a rig and shotgun mic. If you want all the video-making essentials together, get the Movo Smartphone Video Kit V7, which features a professional X/Y stereo microphone, grip rig, LED light, and wireless remote.

DSLR Camera Microphone Kits

Produce studio-quality videos with camera microphone bundles composed of wireless lavalier microphones and an audio mixer. The Movo Dual UHF Lapel Set is a great choice, as it’s engineered to mix and control captured voices in utmost precision without the hassles of the typical wired mic assembly.


Professional Recording Microphone Bundles

For more advanced audio needs, go for professional microphone recording sets that we carefully selected to provide premium auditory outputs. 

The compact Saramonic Dual Wireless UHF Lavalier Microphone Bundle has a pair of bodypack transmitters, lavalier mics, and receivers, plus an audio mixer to give stable, interference-free audio to DSLR videographers. 

If you want something more handy for interviews and sound production, we also have the Zoom H6 and Movo Lav Mic Bundle, which combines a portable handheld recorder with four lapel microphones to complement its interchangeable mic head system.

Check out any item on this list or visit our complete audio accessory collection to find more quality gear that doesn’t break the bank.