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Smartphone Audio & Video Gear

Take amazing mobile videos with audio accessories and camera gear! Find external mics, rigs, tripods, and LED lights for your iPhone or Android devices.

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What kind of smartphone accessory do you need?

There are different types of smartphone gear that can improve your iPhone or Android’s shooting capabilities. These generally fall into two categories: audio and camera. Audio accessories like microphones and audio mixers improve the sound quality of your videos. Camera equipment makes photo and video production easier and improves video quality.

Smartphone Audio Accessories

The ideal external microphone for smartphones should be light and easily connected via the phone’s input jack. Your best bet would be lapel mics or shotgun mics. Choose plug-and-play designs that are small and portable. 

  • Shotgun Microphones

Some smartphone shotgun mics can be used with a DSLR/Mirror-less camera. They are the models with a 3.5mm jack that have a TRS connection which is different from the TRRS connection that is used for most Android and iPhone devices. Shotgun mics are directional, so they pick up sounds right in front of them and block unwanted noise from other directions. Use them in interviews and performances to let subjects speak without having to hold a microphone.

  • Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier mics or lapels also let your subjects move naturally. They take precise voice recordings because they pick sounds directly from the person speaking, even if they’re not facing the camera. Smartphone lapels normally come with a sturdy clip to attach onto clothing and a foam cover for filtering distortions. 

Smartphone Camera Accessories

Video accessories and mobile photography equipment help you achieve the shooting style you’re aiming for. Depending on the function, they can either prevent unwanted shaking and vibration or fix poor lighting.

  • Rigs and Handles

Smartphone video rigs stabilize your phone as you move between scenes and focus on your subjects. Best to get one with padded handles for a comfortable grip and adjustable wrist strap for an extra layer of safety. 

  • Tripods

You might also consider handheld rigs that double as a tripod so that you can safely mount your phone on a stable platform when doing vlogs, interviews, or live streams. 

  • LED Lights

Another must-have type of phone gear is the LED light. Get ultra-bright but compact models that illuminate your subjects properly and enhance shots in poorly lit environments. 

Getting an all-in-one smartphone gear bundle

If you want to answer both your audio and camera needs, get a smartphone video kit instead. This is an accessory set that has a combination of rigs, lights, and mics. Video kits make content creation easy for vloggers and influencers who produce regular YouTube videos.

One of our top choices is the SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit. It has all the features of a mini-studio in a simple and portable setup. The SmartCine works with popular smartphone models, making it perfect for both newbie vloggers and professional videographers. It includes:

  • Universal phone rig for securing Apple and Android phones
  • Stereo microphone for precise audio recording
  • Ring LED light for proper illumination
  • Wide-angle and fish-eye lenses for creative shoots
  • Cables, windscreen, and carrying case 

Browse our collection and level up your mobile videos with the right smartphone gear!