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TRS to TRRS Adapter


Connect any TRS microphone to your smartphone or smartphone AUX adapter with this TRS to TRRS adapter.

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Use the high quality TRS to TRRS adapter to connect any microphone with a 3.5mm output to a smartphone or tablet. Use this TRS to TRRS microphone cable adapter to connect your standard TRS microphone to your TRRS smartphone worry free with our 2-year warranty. Perfect for anyone looking to record audio on their smartphone.

  • Allows you to connect your standard TRS (3-pole) 3.5mm microphone connector to your TRRS (4-pole) smartphone
  • Impedance-matched TRRS cable for mobile devices
  • Gold-Plated Connectors
  • 2-Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.
Say goodbye to bad sound quality! This TRS to TRRS adapter significantly improves your audio quality by allowing you to connect an external battery-powered microphone to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy to use, simply plug in the microphone to the adapter cable, plug in the adapter to your smartphone or tablet headphone jack, and you're ready to go.

Perfect for vloggers, live streamers, and just about anyone who records audio on their smartphone. Ideal for anyone looking to connect their microphone to their smartphone.

Why Movo’s TRS to TRRS adapter is so great:

  • Most microphones don't work out of the box with smartphones and tablets - the MC3 TRS to TRRS adapter is specifically designed to allow you to connect a standard 3.5mm TRS battery-powered microphone to these devices right out of the box
  • Features gold-plated connectors, impedance-matched TRRS cable for mobile devices, in addition to shielded construction

Note that for newer devices that don't have a headphone jack, an additional adapter is required to make the connection. Depending on your device, we recommend the Apple 3.5mm to Lightning or Google 3.5mm to USB-C adapter.

PRO TIP: After recording audio, unplug the TRS to TRRS adapter to hear the playback. If you don't, you will not hear anything. This will ONLY work with battery-powered microphones.

Input: One 3.5mm TRS Mic Input
Output: 3.5mm TRRS Jack
Total Length: 5" (13cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark B.
Perfectly easy

My church bought a Mevo video camera for streaming our worship services, but we wanted to get audio from our PA system. This simple cable was all we needed to allow us to connect our board to a smart phone and use it as our audio source.

Better than expected

I was looking for something to use my TRS mics with an iPad. Found this and it worked excellent! Now I need to purchase one for each of my mics!!

Choo-Kien K.

Delivered on time

Obed V.


Got what I needed

I contacted Movo with a specific question that no one could answer, including Apple, as to which splitter would work with my iPad video/mic needs. They responded that day, and it was the correct splitter.

Gary O.

MOVO MC3 3.5mm TRS (Female) to TRRS (Male) Adapter