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Heavy Duty Double Gimbal


The double gimbal and quick release plate makes it easy to fit various lenses and support weight evenly so that you can focus on capturing your perfect shot.

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  • Double-Arm Gimbal to Support Heavy Lenses with Perfect 50/50 Weight Distribution
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Fluid panning and tilting
  • Adjustable arca-swiss type clamp & long quick release plate to fit a variety of lenses
  • 1 Year Warranty
The Movo GH1000-II is a dual-arm gimbal head designed to support cameras and long lenses weighing up to 33 lbs (15kg). This double gimbal arm supports and distributes weight evenly to allow smooth handling and operation. Separate locks on both arms control the 360° panning base and swinging arm, allowing a full range of motion ideal for covering sporting events, catching birds in flight, or any other fast-moving subjects.

The "gravity-balanced" gimbal head makes even the bulkiest camera and lens combos seem almost weightless. The Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate (included) is 120 mm long, providing ample support of most telephoto lenses. For extreme telephoto lenses, longer base plates can be easily substituted.

Large, lobed knobs are easy to operate even through gloves or in dark conditions, and numbered scales along the panning base and the vertical arm allow you to easily repeat your setup for various lens and camera combinations. The panning base and vertical arm capable of 360-degree rotation (horizontal and vertical). Additionally, the lens platform can be adjusted up or down by 4" to better accommodate different camera set ups.

Read our detailed gimbal head comparison blog post for more information about choosing the right gimbal head for your needs. 

Construction: Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
Max Camera Weight: 33 LBS (15KG)
Camera Platform Width 6" (15.25cm)
Dimensions:15 x 5.9 x 10.8" (383 x 150 x 276mm)
Weight: 3.97 LBS (1.8 KG)

Customer Reviews

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Walter V.
Non-Standard Application

I am impressed. This is a well built and attractive piece of equipment. It is almost worthy of being a decorative item for the mechanically minded. I am positive if used for the purpose for which it was designed, it would be perfect. The device I am using with the SK-GH10 is not easily mounted at its exact center of gravity and weighs approximately nine pounds. This device uses a mount that is made like a clamp with a standard 3/8 and 1/4 inch threaded holes in the bottom as found on a camera and has a large clamping adjustment knob on the side. The SK-GH10 uprights, swing arm, and sliding plate will handle the application with no sign of strain. The 1/4 inch camera locking screw in the quick release plate causes some concern and a 3/8 screw would be better. To get close to a balanced configuration, I must attach the device mount at the end of the quick release plate then extend the plate to its limit. The quick release plate flexes slightly under the load and a short prayer is in order for the 1/4 inch screw. I believe an alternative Acra-Swiss mount may solve my unusual problem. A second quick release plate with a 3/8 inch screw would be a nice addition.