What Are the Best XLR Lavalier Microphones by Movo?

May 24, 2019 9 min read

Collar mics, lapel mics, clip mics, body mics and personal mics; lavalier microphones have lots of different names and a multitude of different uses. Read on to discover the different applications of each of our XLR lav mics so you’ll be better placed to choose the right mic for you.

We've included sound samples for each microphone below. For comparison, here is a sample recording without using a lavalier microphone:

Let’s kick things off with the best budget lapel mic:the Movo LV4-C. This high quality 3-pin XLR mic sizes up well against the equivalent Sennheiser and Rode models, offering crisp, clear sound for a much lower price.

Being a cardioid mic, it does have to be positioned in the direction of the sound, so, mostly likely, the voice, that you want to record. Unlike the omni-equivalent Movo LV4-O, this mic is not designed to capture 360 degrees of sound, but instead will focus in on a particular direction and reduce ambient noise.

This mic boasts a high SPL rating, as well as a large pickup area that doesn’t sacrifice the crispness and clarity of sound. Equally, you can enjoy deep bassy tones of voice. The build is solid and the cord is 6 foot long. It requires 48V phantom power to operate.

We’d suggest this product to anyone just starting out with lavalier microphones, or anyone looking to invest in a new or additional mic that is considered perhaps one of the best affordable lapel mics currently on the market.

Customers tell us that they have successfully used these mics for film production, interviews, lectures, presentations, vlogging, and podcasting. If you’re unsure whether an omnidirectional or cardioid mic is best, or if you need both for your projects, then the Movo LV4 Dual XLR Lavalier Interview Kit is an ideal option as it includes one mic one of each type for a bundle price of $69.95.

Movo LV4-C Sound Sample

If you’re particularly focused on finding a lav mic that will pair up nicely with your DSLR, we’d suggestthe Movo LVM-XLR1. Equally good value as the Movo LV4-C, the difference here is that the microphone is omnidirectional, meaning it’s designed to pick up a more natural sounding recording in a 360-degree range.

Plug the Movo LVM-XLR1 into your camera with an adapter or audio mixer and start collecting top quality recordings; the mic still reduces unwanted noise pick-up. This lav mic kit is powered by a single LR44 Battery, not phantom power. The kit includes an LR44 battery, windscreen and lapel clip.

For a very reasonable price, the easily portable Movo LVM-XLR1 allows great recordings to be collected in a discreet manner. Additionally, enjoy freedom of movement with 9.2 feet of cord. Compared to other similar mics on the market, the Movo LVM-XLR1 offers higher sensitivity and higher signal-to-noise ratio at great value.

Talking with our customers, we’ve discovered that they have successfully used the Movo LVM-XLR1 for instrument recording, studio recording, broadcasting, and public speaking. Remember, while some public speakers look for a booming broadcasting effect that focuses on an amplified voice through the mic, others seek a more natural sound that allows more intimate engagement with their audience. If you prefer the latter, go for the Movo LVM-XLR1.

Movo LVM-XLR1 Sound Sample

A great option for those requiring lav mics on film sets is theMovo LV4-O. Being omnidirectional, this mic collects a clear natural sound with transparency; although there will be slight decreases in volume of sounds recorded a few feet away from the mic, you can expect the tonal quality to remain the same. Further, this slight decrease adds to the natural effect, giving the recording depth while retaining clarity.

The LV4-O is a sturdy mic that has 6 feet of cord and delivers a great performance. At a remarkably good price, you simply need to plug into a 48V phantom power source and start recording.

When we launched this product, we noticed than many of our customers purchased two of these mics at a time. We’ve since introduced a bundle deal, so if you want more than one LV4-O mic, you can getthe Movo LV4-O2 XLR Lavalier Omnidirectional Microphone, Two Pack Bundle, for $74.95.

Movo LV4-O Sound Sample

This product is well loved by YouTubers and live web streamers alike. The quality of the sound is superb and several of our customers have remarked that they enjoy the warm “radio FM” style that the mic produces.

Thanks to its 8.3 mm mic capsules,the Movo LV-6C rejects off-axis ambient noise and produces clear audio. This means that for product reviewers and YouTubers who may be moving around a lot in their videos, this collar mic doesn’t let additional background noise distract or dull the quality of the sounds in focus.

The mic itself is a solid build, ideal for podcasters, and YouTubers and offering up excellent audio when used with the correct 48V phantom power. As this is a cardioid mic, its best to use tape to secure the mic to the person being recorded. That way, no matter how animated the person may become, rustling noises will be kept to a minimum and the sound will remain consistent.

Movo LV6-C Sound Sample

The Movo LV8-C captures and delivers a professional, broadcast-like sound, ideal for individuals who are presenting at churches, conferences, and participating in interviews or discussion panels in front of large audiences. Sporting a professional grade mic, you can be confident of accurate voice reproduction. While wireless mics may be a more practical choice, especially for moving presenters, this mic is a great choice for lower budgets, and will deliver incredible sound.

The pick up area is quite generous, allowing the mic to be fitted further down the chest of the person wearing it, and potentially out of shot or in other discreet locations. As long as the microphone is aimed towards the mouth of the speaker, audio should be clear and crisp.

The Movo LV8-C cardioid lavalier microphone will cut ambient noise caused by audiences and other individuals within close proximity. This means that unwanted background noise caused by rustling of clothes, for example, can be avoided.

The Movo LV8-C weighs just 111g (just under 4oz) and offers 6.5 feet of durable cable. When used with the correct power source, phantom power, you can simply plug and play.

Movo LV8-C Sound Sample

A great kit for interviews, this pack includes all you need to get set up quickly and capture brilliant recordings no matter the location. The durable phantom power supply body pack makes it easy to carry the kit around when in use and will survive being bashed and sat on (we know, it happens). There is also a deluxe case for secure storage when not in use.

This kit will provide high fidelity audio via a mini-pin XLR directly to amps and mixers. The battery pack will last up to 70 hours, and operates on a ‘AA’ battery.

The Movo LV22C XLR Lavalier mic will provide crystal clear sound no matter how quiet your guest may mumble or whisper. Further, you can be sure that any additional noises that could ruin the recording or distract from the speech are unlikely to be captured in your audio. This is because the cardioid polar pattern, which has high sensitivity at the front of the mic and low sensitivity in the back of the mic. The result: background noises are largely unnoticeable because of the brilliance of the sound quality. Add on a windscreen, choose from the foam (saving you 8db of wind noise) or the furry ‘deadcat’ (saving you 40db of wind noise), and you can protect the quality of your sound even more.

For large panel interviews where individuals may be turning heads to engage with different panel members, or one-to-ones with less-than-loud interviewees, this mic is ideal for capturing crisp and clear sound without any muffling, snagging, or ambience feedback.

Movo LV22C Sound Sample

This lavalier mic is perfect for solo vloggers, particularly when adding narration to footage.The Movo LV8-D XLR Premium mic can be fixed mid-chest, and allows for vloggers to engage with their audience and not be concerned with holding or leaning towards a microphone.

The omnidirectional polar pattern will allow for a warm ambiance that doesn’t add unnecessary fuss to the audio. Equally, the mic produces very low distortion and offers a wide dynamic range.

This super-functional piece of kit allows for quick set up, ideal for capturing spontaneous and authentic content for any vlog. Enjoy the durable build of the mic and 6.5 feet of cord length for additional freedom of movement. It simply requires a phantom power source to get started.

Movo LV8-D Sound Sample

Like the Movo LV22OD lav mic,the Movo LV6O Pro Grade is an omnidirectional mic that is ideal for multiple person use in a shared space. However a subtle, yet key, difference is that the mic capsule size on the Movo LV6O is 8.3mm, while on the LV22OD, its 12mm. While the differences aren’t astronomical, they do have impact: the smaller mic size will deliver a more consistent pickup pattern, as well as an extended high frequency response and a superb transient response. In short, the smaller mic does a better job of capturing a full range of high quality sound.

Operating on a phantom power source, this lapel mic also comes with a lapel clip and a foam windscreen.

Customers have reported success with large team podcasts of five or six participants, producing professional audio. Of course, it can also be used for interviews, and many customers report excellent results in an interview setting too.

Movo LV6O Sound Sample

This omnidirectional lav mic kit is a great kit for those looking to record footage or audio outdoors. The mic will capture sound in all directions, so this is ideal for vloggers who are looking to create less of a broadcast feel and give more of an ambient warmth to their narration or outdoor footage with natural sound.

This mic is also ideal for vloggers who invite guests to their channel or who vlog in pairs or more.The Movo LV22OD will allow more than one voice to be heard and doesn’t require the guest to be mic’d up, which can affect how they engage with the camera or other people in the room.

This kit also includes a metal phantom power supply body pack that lasts up to 70 hours and runs on a single ‘AA’ battery. It connects via a mini 3-pin XLR, to ensure accurate voice and sound reproduction. Make sure to use the foam and or deadcat windscreen, which protect from wind noises, and you can store it easily in the handy deluxe case when you’re done.

Movo LV22OD Sound Sample

Ever wondered thought of using a lavalier as a boundary mic? It’s not completely unheard of. Yes, there are specifically designed mics for this and we’ve also had customers tell us thatthe Movo MC1000 USB conference mic has worked a treat as a boundary mic for larger set ups too.

If you are looking to occasionally step into larger spaces with the intention of capturing unscripted authentic conversation, thenthe Movo LV11OD is an ideal choice for you. Set the mic up against a large sturdy flat surface, preferably taping the mic to it if possible. This is essentially a DIY reflected lavalier.

Using the mic this way applies the same principles that allow for effect recording with boundary microphones. You can expect increased volume simply by attaching the mic to a large flat area, such as a large whiteboard in a classroom or office space.

This particular mic offers a discrete and effective means of collecting sound with as little intrusion as possible. The kit consists of a mini-XLR to standard XLR converter that also contains a phantom power unit needing a single ‘AA’ battery to operate. Take advantage of the low-cut filter switch when handling the mic to reduce unwanted noise, or fix in place for hours of authentic, high quality recording.

Movo LV11OD Sound Sample

Yes, there are many to choose from, and while we have nailed down our favourites for specific uses, we do have one final gem that we’d like to share with you.

If you’re looking for a sure way to get accurately reproduced speech without any risk of cutting out mid-performance, thenthe Movo LV11C offers a great means to do so.

Fabulous for interviews, podcasts, and vlogging, we love this kit. The cracking little mic offers broadcast-grade professional sound via a 12mm mic capsule. It also has a low cut filter on off switch to reduce handling noise.

The mic connects to your device via a mini-XLR connector, and is powered via a built in phantom power supply requiring only one ‘AA’ battery for up to 70 hours of operation. The standard windscreens (foam and deadcat) are also included in the kit, permitting outdoor recording even in noisy locations.

We love this compact mic kit and think it really is a ‘best for everything’!

Movo LV11C Sound Sample

There you have it - a detailed breakdown of all of Movo's best XLR lav mics. We hope you found this helpful. Feel free to check out our full collection of lavalier microphones, and let us know if you have any other questions about what microphone is best for you.