2019 Best Budget Lavalier Microphones

August 24, 2018 4 min read

Movo - What are the best Lavalier Mics without Breaking the Bank?

If you’re obsessed with sound quality as much as we are, the lavalier microphone is probably one of your favorite types ofaudio gear because of its small size and convenience—it allows us to record hands-free.

For those who are new to working with sound equipment, thelavalier mic is a small microphone that often comes with a clip so that you can wear it on your collar or shirt.

It is super compact and can be hidden in plain sight, so it’s used for a wide range of online and offline applications, such as news reporting, podcast interviews, public speaking, webinars, stage performances, and vlogging.

So which one works best in a particular audio recording activity? We’ve done our homework to present you with the ideal products for covering various scenarios. But before going to our round-up of the top budget lavalier mics, we'll go over the different types of lapel mics to help you choose between output devices, sound pickup patterns, and transmission system options.

The Two Types of Lavalier Microphones

Today’s lavalier mics come in both omnidirectional and unidirectional (including cardioid and supercardioid) patterns. As the names suggest, the omnidirectional lav mic picks up sound from all directions, while the directional mic picks up sound from a specific area.

  • Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone - With an omnidirectional lav mic, distance comes first, and angle is secondary. It is an excellent choice for most applications, as it gives you more flexibility to where and how to attach the mic: to a collar, in the hair, or on the eyeglass frame—anywhere as long as it is close to your mouth.

  • Cardioid Lavalier Microphone - Directional lav mics single out what you need. Cardioid lapel mics are commonly used in studios where there is no concern over exposing the mic nor need for excessive movement. This type of lavalier mic is highly sensitive to wind and handling noise, so make sure to pick up some windscreens if you need to use it outdoors.
Sound Patterns: Omnidirectional and Cardioid

Wired vs. Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Which is better - wired or wireless lavalier microphones? The answer depends mainly on your budget. Wired lavaliers are pretty cheap, but thewireless systems give you more flexibility, which is one of the reasons why they are more expensive than the wired ones.

If budget is not an issue, your choice depends on your specific applications and how much you need to move around. If you need to move freely without being connected to a cable, choose the wireless lavalier systems.

The most significant benefit of wired lavalier mics is their simplicity. You don’t need to worry about battery life or the frequency selection with a wired lav mic. Read more about this on ourblog post comparing wired and wireless lapel mics.

Best Budget Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Check out these omnidirectional lapel mics that stay within budget while giving you more freedom to move around.

  • Movo WMIC50 - This is one of the best wireless lavalier mic systems rated by many third-party review sites. It allows you to record high-quality audio at a distance of up to 164 feet. You can clip the radio transmitter to a belt or mount it to a camera or camcorder. It also comes with receiver earphones so that you can monitor the audio quality in real time and communicate with the transmitter (one-way).

  • Saramonic UWMIC9 - This duo is a great wireless lav mic system with a 330-feet range, making it perfect for field recording and videography. The Saramonic UWMIC9 is a quality product that provides more reliable sound quality than its more expensive counterparts.

Best Budget Wired Lavalier Microphones

Here’s a mix of wired omnidirectional and cardioid lapels that work well for casual recordings and in professional setups.

  • Movo PM10 - This omnidirectional lavalier microphone is one of our top-sellers, and for good reason: it's compatible with all smartphones and capable of delivering high quality audio, all for just $14.95.

  • Movo LV-6 - If you do a wide range of recordings and broadcasts where you may need both omnidirectional and directional lav mics, the Movo LV-6 is designed for you. It’s a pro-grade item that doesn’t break the bank. Highly recommended for budget-conscious buyers!

  • Movo LV4-C - Audio professionals swear by this XLR cardioid lav mic for its wide sound pickup area and adequate noise blocking capacity. Listen to this audio sample captured using the Movo LV4-C, and notice the fullness and clarity of the speech it reproduces.

Recommended Lavalier Microphones for Your Digital Devices

  • Movo PM20-S - Lapel mic for smartphones - With two mic heads, the Movo PM20-S is perfect for interviews. Now you can do newscaster-style talks using your iPhone or Android devices.

  • Movo LV4 - Lavalier mic set for digital recorders - This XLR lavalier duo gives interviewers a wide range of recording options. That’s why it’s a handy addition to digital recorders likeZoom H4n.
  • Saramonic SR-ULM5- USB output lapel mic for laptop and desktop computers  - For live streamers and online video creators, this plug-and-play lav mic will make it easier to record via your computer or any USB-enabled device.

  • Movo DOM1 - Wired lavalier microphone for DJI Osmo -Vloggers and videographers who use DJI Osmo will love this product. It is engineered to fit Osmo’s specs for a simple and unobtrusive way to add voice to your videos.


Whether you’re a new video creator or a veteran media professional, the lavalier microphone is a useful part of your recording setup that can answer various audio needs. Find the right gear for you on our lavalier microphone collection, or if you're looking into other types of mic, check out best budget microphones under $100.