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Best Wireless Microphones & Mic Systems

Capture interviews and speeches using wireless microphones that allow great flexibility. Convenient, portable mic systems that help your videos and events deliver voices clearly.

In the age of wireless technology, almost every electronic device has evolved to have a wireless version that is far more superior in many ways than its traditional counterpart. When it comes to audio devices, wireless microphones offer the benefit of convenience and flexibility. For example, with these small, clip-on devices, actors are able to freely move around a scene without altering the sound quality or being limited by the length of the mic wire.

Wireless mics are a staple on most stage and broadcast sets, but these devices are affordable accessories that you can easily use for your own personal projects. Wireless lapel mics are designed to capture crisp audio and can instantly communicate sound from a transmitter on the person’s belt to a receiver connected to the camera. Choose from clip-on wireless microphones or handheld wireless mics to make shooting film more convenient while delivering clear sound to your audience.

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