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Pro Gimbal Head


Bring stablity and adaptablity to your next shoot with this gimbal head and Arca-Swiss quick release plate.

Buy Now, pay later with
  • Gimbal style head with swing arm
  • Fluid panning and tilting
  • Adjustable arca-swiss clamp
  • Includes arca-swiss quick release plate to fit a variety of lenses
  • Safely supports up to 30 lbs of gear
Effortlessly tilt, pan and swivel to follow the action with the Movo GH700 Gimbal Tripod Head. Never lose sight of your shot with this slick, accomplished gimbal system. Optimizes flexibility and your ability to respond to fast-moving subjects, unexpected movements and dynamic settings. Rated to support up to 30lbs. of gear safely.

The Movo GH700 Gimbal Tripod Head offers unquestioned mastery for photographing wildlife, sports, action scenes and more. Monopods and tripods do not offer the same range of fluid motion, quick response or ability to hold position accurately. Other gimbal systems lack effective tension controls for balance or the ability to handle heavier equipment. This unit does it all with style to spare.

The Movo GH700 Gimbal Tripod Head delivers an absolutely smooth, fluid action. Complete point-and-shoot convenience - with this setup aim your camera where you like, remove your hand and it stays exactly where you left it. Gimbal-style head with a swing arm; the Arca-Swiss clamp adjusts and includes short and long quick release plates for maximum lens versatility. Durable construction performs well in the field.


Read our detailed gimbal head comparison blog post for more information about choosing the right gimbal head for your needs. 

Female Tripod Thread: 3/8"
Arca Swiss Male Camera Mount Thread: 1/4"
Dimensions: 9.25" x 3.5" x 9.7" (23.5 x 8.9 x 24.7cm)
Weight: 3.1 LBS (1.4KG)
Max Camera Weight: 30 LBS (13.5KG)

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Rick D.
Great gimbal but 1 annoyance

Love the build of the gimbal. Lateral panning movement is smooth vertical movement is nice as well feels a wee bit sticky. But otherwise for the price I don’t think you’ll find one that is any better.

There is one thing that annoys me and that is the knob in the swing arm. The swing arm is not independent of the rotation of the knob when rotating the tightening knob counter clockwise. So if you’re not careful you might hit yourself in the face like me.

Love the arcs Swiss compatible plate, would like to maybe see one with a quick release/level lock. It would make transitioning from gimbal to handheld that much more quicker when shooting sports or wildlife.

Steve V.
Great Gimbal

The ball Bearing base on this model makes it rotate very smooth. I made the mistake of buying a cheaper Gimbal only to find the base was so stiff every time I tried to rotate the Gimbal it just unscrewed itself from the tripod. I sent it back and bought the Movo. Very happy with this Gimbal.

Larry J.
Value Added

I just received my GH700 MKII and i quickly mounted it to my Manfrotto Tripod. Right away i was impressed with the quality of build and the fluid motion. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for, but every now and then you get more than you pay for and this is the case with this product. There's plenty of adjustment for camera clearance if you have a battery pack on the bottom of your camera body. I mounted my Nikon D810 with the Sigma 150-600 lens and it nearly balanced itself. I saved at least $200 over similar capable brands/models. I'm very happy with this purchase and will reccommend this model/brand to my fellow shutterbugs.

Alfonso C.
Great value for a professional grade gimbal.

Very well made. Works great!

David F.
A good buy

I am very glad that I got this. It makes using a long lens on astro shots easy. It does take some getting use to for adjusting the lens angle but it is very good platform to shot from.

Great value

Nicely designed and well built. Definitely worth the price.

Gimbal head base stuck on the tripod base plate.

Got it today. It tilts and pans smoothly and very easy to assemble. Using it with a 100-400mm and 5dmkiv. Two things : the GH does not sit perfectly on the tripod, it wobbles and when I tried to remove it from the tripod to check and fix, the base of the GH and the tripod are stuck. I can't remove it , I don't wan't to adjust the pan knob too much for leverage for I don't want to force new gear. Beware

Aaron B.
Very good value

Thes is a good gimbal for wildlife photography. I used it my last few trips and it performs well. Good value for the money

Eva S.
Happy camper

Love the MOVO Gimbal it is easy to use and love both of the knobs being on the same side, now I do not accidentally unscrew the camera plate, which I did with the last Gimbal I had. I caught the camera and lens before they hit the ground. The MOVO is so easy to use and maneuver. Also it is light and does not add much weight to a already heavy set up. I wish I had gotten it the first time, but have it now. Thank you so much it is awesome.

Souvik C.
Excellent product at unbeatable price

Very happy with purchase. The gimbal head is top notch, solid, stable and perfect for birding. I also had a chance to interact with customer service and more than pleased with their responses. Overall a highly satisfied customer. I'll recommend this product for sure.