Equipment Needed for Starting a Podcast

June 15, 2021 3 min read

Everyone enjoys listening to a good story, even (or especially) if it’s a recording. While older generations had radio shows to keep them entertained, podcasts have been the format of choice for the modern-day listener. Because of the relative ease of recording and distributing them, there is a podcast for almost every interest out there. Whether you’re into true crime, pop culture, film, or everyday musings, there is a show for you.

Aside from increasing listeners, more and more people are starting their own podcasts as well. If you always wanted to dip your toes into this world, read on to find out what equipment you need for podcasting, including what to look for in a good podcast microphone, other podcast tools you’ll need, and much more.  

Choosing the Right Podcasting Microphone

It is very easy to start recording your own episodes with very little podcast equipment. Moreover, you might already have most of the equipment already and just need to make a few enhancements. One thing you definitely need to get is a good microphone, whether that's a PC mic or a smartphone microphone. If you’re a beginner, opt for mics that are easy to set up and have a cardioid polar pattern for crisp and excellent voice isolation.

If you’re looking for the very best podcast microphone out there, there really isn’t one correct answer. Every podcaster has their own needs and preferences so you should select your mic based on what your podcast goals are and what your budget is. If you’re looking for something user-friendly that won’t break the bank, check out some affordable podcast microphone options like the Movo UM700 and PC-M6

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Other Equipment for Starting a Podcast

Aside from having a decent microphone, you will also need a device to record your audio. Your laptop or smartphone should work fine for this, given that you install a good digital audio workstation to capture the best sound possible. You’ll also need podcast headphones, an audio mixer, and an audio interface program to help you monitor and adjust the sound quality while you’re recording your audio.

Other types of gear for recording a podcast include extension cables and microphone stands to make your setup easier to move around and adjust if needed. If you want to remove background noise and harsh plosives from your voice, you should definitely get a pop filter for your microphone. The Movo PF-6 is an affordable and user-friendly option thanks to its adjustable gooseneck and adjustable clamp.

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What You Need for Outdoor or Remote Podcast Recording 

Another cool thing about podcasts is that you can record them from almost everywhere, especially if you only need vocal audio for your recordings. A fun thing you can try with podcast recording is to venture out of your home studio to record it outside. Incorporating the background sounds into your audio can make it sound more life-like and dynamic, which can be refreshing to hear. Of course, you’d want to bring along a bag with extra batteries, charging blocks, and windscreens like the Movo WS10n with you. These come in handy when your mobile devices need to be charged and when you need to filter out some noise while recording. 

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Whether you’re thinking of starting a podcast as a fun hobby or as a new career, Movo has the right gear that will fit your needs and budget. Our products are carefully designed by creators for other creators like yourself.

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