Movo’s Best iPhone Lenses and How to Use Them 

June 15, 2021 2 min read

Movo’s Best iPhone Lenses and How to Use Them | Movo Photo

From the beginning, Movo has always made it a point to empower creators of all kinds to tell their stories and share their vision with the world. Through our range of user-friendly and affordable audio and visual equipment, we want to make it easier for people to create high-quality content. We do this by providing gear that works and enhances the equipment they already have, like an iPhone.

These days, smartphone technology has improved in such a way that - with the right accessories - it’s possible to capture high-resolution photos with the clarity to rival those of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Here are our top picks for iPhone lenses and a guide on how to use them so you can take your photos and videos to the next level.

Best Zoom Lens for iPhone Users - SPL-TELE

This lens is great for people looking for a way to enhance the range of their iPhone camera. TheSPL-TELE is a zoom lens that provides 3x magnification and a focal length of 85 mm so you can capture more detailed photos of faraway subjects. To assemble, simply screw the lens onto the clip and put it over your iPhone camera lens to use. You do not need a power source to operate this. Simply clip the lens on and snap away!

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Best iPhone Panoramic Lens - SPL-FE

Taking panoramic photos and videos of scenic landscapes and rapidly moving objects is a lot easier to pull off with a fisheye lens. You can effortlessly get more into a single shot without moving around too much. If you’re looking for a powerful but travel-friendly fisheye lens, theSPL-FE may be perfect for you. This telephoto lens is compatible with most iPhone models and fits perfectly into your pocket or bag.  It also has a view angle of 238 degrees, which allows you to capture wide-angle images and videos seamlessly with your iPhone. To use, simply attach it to your phone using the adjustable lens clip. 

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Best Wide-Angle Lens for iPhone Cameras - SPL-WA

Content creators of all levels will love this iPhone lens from Movo because of its versatility and ease of use. TheSPL-WA allows you to go beyond the limits of your iPhone camera with its 18 mm focal length so your shots look more dynamic and expansive. No need to bring your full setup with you when you’re out and about anymore. Just clip this lens over your phone camera to capture everything from stunning wide-angle shots to sweeping panoramas. 

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Step up your iPhone photography or videography with Movo’s range of products. For more deals, check out our website or our online store on Amazon!