The Best Wireless Microphone for Smartphone

January 08, 2021 2 min read

The Best Wireless Microphone for Smartphone - Movo

If you are planning on shooting videos with your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel, the built-in smartphone microphone will only take you so far. Smartphone audio is usually not very high quality, and built-in mics struggle to pick up sound outdoors or at a distance. You’ll need to get a dedicated smartphone external microphone if you want audio that sounds professional. 

There are many different kinds of microphone for smartphone applications, but the benefit of working with a wireless microphone for smartphone is the increased mobility and freedom of movement afforded by cutting cords. Want to pick the right one for you? Check out our guide on the best external smartphone microphones available:


The WMX-1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System is a great choice for recording audio, no matter what device you own. The receiver’s 3.5mm TRRS cable allows you to interface with smartphones, tablets, and computers, while the 3.5mm TRS cable allows it to connect to DSLR cameras and recorders. 

The receiver features a cold shoe mount that easily attaches to camera rigs, as well as a belt clip that allows it to be worn. With a low-profile clip-on transmitter and an effective signal range of 200 feet, the WMX-1 is a great external microphone for smartphone videos shot outdoors.


For microphones that are custom-tailored to work with your device, you’ll want to check out the EDGE series.The EDGE-UC Wireless Lavalier Microphone System, for example, is specifically designed to work with devices with USB-C input. The receiver plugs directly into the Type-C port of the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, as well as certain iOS devices, like the iPad Pro. 

The EDGE-DI functions identically, except it has a Lightning plug for direct interface with iPhones. Both devices boast a 200 foot transmission range, as well as headphone jacks to monitor your audio playback in real time. 


If you want a bluetooth microphone for smartphone videos with more than one speaker, the EDGE DUO sets are for you.The EDGE-UC DUO Dual Wireless Lavalier System works exactly like the EDGE-UC in that it captures crystal clear audio for Android devices, but features an additional wireless transmitter. 

Along withthe EDGE-DI DUO, which does the same for iOS smart devices, these kits are great for recording interviews, dialogue scenes in films, and any other kind of video that features two people talking.

Whether you are shooting a vlog, capturing sports footage, or filming your mobile magnum opus, Movo has the best smartphone microphone for your needs. From shotgun mics that fit in the palm of your hand to lavaliers with extended cables, we have a microphone for every occasion. Check outour online store for more great deals on quality audio and video equipment!