Movo MV-RC300 3.5mm Male Line-in to Male Microphone Attenuator Cable (-25dB) with Headphone Monitoring Input for HDSLR Cameras

$ 29.95

Product Details

The Movo MV-RC300 is designed to allow you to connect a device with a female line-in jack (like a microphone, recorder, erc) to your standard DSLR mic input . It features an optional headphone input for monitoring, gold-plated connectors, -25dB Signal Attenuation, in addition to shielded construction. Includes a 1-Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.

Connector#1: One 3.5mm Male Line Jack
Connector#2: One 3.5mm Male Mic Jack
Connector#3: One 3.5mm Female Input for Headphone Monitoring
Total Length: 12 (30cm)

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