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Dual Omni Lav Microphones


Upgrade your audio capture with two omnidirectional lavalier microphones. Mics power directly from any device equipped with XLR inputs and 48v phantom power.

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  • PRO AUDIO FOR CREATORS: These lavalier lapel microphones will bring superior audio capture to your next film or video shoot, livestream, or vlog
  • XLR CONNECTIONS: Easily connect via the attached 6 ft XLR cable to any mixing board, recorder, or wireless receiver that supports 48V phantom power. No batteries necessary
  • OMNIDIRECTIONAL PICKUP: Omnidirectional pickup pattern captures clear audio from all direction while reducing unwanted noise, making this a perfect body mic for cameras, live performance and streaming
  • PRODUCTION READY: With two lav mics, mic clips and detachable windscreen included, you'll be ready to capture pristine, balanced audio for any project
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve got your back. Our products are designed to ease your technical woes, not add to them. Our friendly US-Based support is here to help

Are you ready to elevate the sound capture of your next video or audio project? 

Whether you're a creator who makes video or audio content, the Movo LV4-O2 XLR Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic set will help you capture clear, full spectrum audio.

The two included lav lapel mics feature omnidirectional pickup, capturing sound in a broad range while reducing unwanted noise. These microphones are perfect as body mics for a film or video shoot, podcast interview, live performance, keynote, virtual or livestream event. 

Easily connect and record with any device that supports 48V phantom power. No batteries necessary. Each mic includes a sturdy metal lapel mic clip and a detachable windscreen to help eliminate unwanted noise. 

Includes a free one-year warranty and friendly customer service based in the U.S.A. 

Capsule Size: 6mmOutput 

Impedance:  200 ohms  

Power Requirement:  48V Phantom Power  

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  78 dB  

Connector: XLR  

Cord length: 6-foot

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob P.
Great Mics!

I did find using the Omni directional easier than the cardoid.

paul b.
Excellent value

Tested both mics using my Zoom H4n. Excellent sound. Better then I expected.

Fast ship, great price

The Movo are small and relatively inexpensive omni lapel mics, but they sound good. I needed the pair for sit-down interviews and having a hard wired, battery-free option is nice. The omni pattern does pickup a bit more low frequency information and room sound (as is expected), but this pattern is good for all around mixing and for expressive subjects. The condenser is more directional which is great for certain situations, but the omnis sound more natural in the final mix. Again, control the room for best results.

I might get a few more after some extra testing. Thanks!