What Kind of Microphones Work with My GoPro?

Before we answer that, let’s clarify that not all GoPros can be connected with an external mic. And those that do might need an audio adapter to accept a microphone. Choose from right-angle mini microphones or lavalier microphones for your GoPro.

Recent generations of GoPros like HERO4, HERO3+ and HERO3 don’t have an audio input port. You have to connect a3.5 mm GoPro audio adapter to the device’s mini-USB port before you can insert a mic.

Newer models like the Black editions of HERO7, HERO6 and HERO5 have a USB-C port, so you’ll need a USB-C GoPro mic adapter.

Right-Angle Mini Microphones for GoPros

Right-angle mini microphones are designed to plug directly into your smartphone device. The phrase “right angle” describes the angle of the plug-in part to the microphone because it creates a 90-degree angle to face directly towards the speaker.

Directional GoPro mics like the Saramonic G-Mic Stereo Ball are great for recording speaking voices because of this very reason. When the microphone is pointed towards the audio you’re trying to capture, it will create a more crisp, polished sound quality. These types of external microphones can only be used with devices that feature a headphone jack; otherwise, you may need to use an adapter.

If you’re trying to film a scene with multiple speakers and a lot of action, this type of microphone may pick up too much background noise or not be equipped to record audio that is too far from the mic itself.

Lavalier Microphones for GoPros

Lavalier microphones are designed to be compact, making it easy to attach these audio devices to a speaker’s shirt. This allows the mic to pick up sound clearly from one direction without the distraction of holding a large, heavy mic. Lavalier microphones for GoPros can be attached to your camera, allowing you to enhance the sound quality.

Movo offers a wide range of lavalier mics, but if you’re looking for one that can also be used directly via your camera’s mini-USB port, go for the Movo GM2. It’s a battery-powered clip-on lapel microphone that’s designed to produce accurate voice reproduction.

A more economical choice is the Movo GM100, which can deliver accurate voice recordings as well. It comes with a 3.5mm mini-USB adapter and doesn't require a battery.