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Nylon Shotgun Windscreen


Made of ballistic nylon, this airtight windscreen for recorders and microphones will eliminate wind and unwanted low frequencies, while maintaining the presence of the high frequencies.

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  • Premium Ballistic Nylon Outer with Acoustic Foam Inner for Superior Wind Protection
  • Airtight rubber base for 360-degree wind protection
  • Ridgid, non-shedding construction
  • Reduces wind noise by 24dB to 40dB
  • Minimal high frequency loss
Movo WST Windscreen Series is our premium line of windscreens which features our unique ballistic nylon outer and inner acoustic foam technology and airtight rubber base for complete 360-degree wind protection. The WST windscreen reduces wind and other low frequency noise by 24dB to 40dB with minimal high frequency loss. The WST windscreen fits microphones 18-24mm diameter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris H.
Great windscreen, awesome service

I’ve been using a larger version of this screen for a couple years and love it. This smaller one is an addition to my kit; wasn’t in stock at that big jungle store so ordered direct from MOVO. Fast free shipping and easy checkout.

Thank you MOVO

The WST50's work great for both my 21mm & 24mm condenser mics. They fit securely, work great, and replace my Shure a81ws.

douglas l.
Works as advertised!!

Covered my Neumann km184 no wind noise !!

M. S.
Unable to Review

I'd love to review your product but that's not possible because I haven't received it.

It's been eight days since I placed the order. USPS "tracking" indicates that it took at least six days to leave California, and after that I got only vague notices that it was going to be late (Duh!) but that it is "still on the way".

I should have ordered from Amazon, or just done the right thing and bought Rycote products.

Adrian R.C.
Amazing Sound proofing

It's amazing the only downside it's is huge size compared to the furry dead cat for my mobile mic but it works amazing and gets the job done .

Michael K.
Exceptional windscreen for small diaphragm condenser microphones

These are attractive, appear durable, and perform well at reducing wind noise. The impact on high frequencies was minimal but I did notice a slight reduction in overall level. I’d recommend them as they are fantastic but wish they were not made in China as that country is absolutely despicable!

David J.
Fits well, sounds good, looks great on my Zoom F1 and SGH-6 combo!

The Movo WST180 Ballistic Nylon Windscreen that I purchased to use with my Zoom F1 Field Recorder and SGH-6 Shotgun Mic is a great combination! It fits appropriately, works great in reducing plosives, cuts wind noise, and looks great. I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to many years of indoor and outdoor recording.

Gavin P.

Great customer service Great product.

Here's a pic of them in action on my Schoeps MK4 & MK41 Capsules -> KCY setups!


Awesome bang for your buck windscreens!!!

For the price, these are a no brainer IMO 😎 👍 I have used just about every windscreen known to man, as far as the slip on windscreens are concerned, and these are my favorite ones by far, especially for their low cost!!! They're also extremely well made and the build quality certainly doesn't justify the low price, because Movo could easily charge MORE for their screens if they wanted to (but I hope that they keep their costs low LoL 😁).

I LOVE the rubber stopper on the back that slides on nice and tight, but doesn't leave any blemishes or marks on my microphones even after very heavy usage the last 5 years or so. But the rubber back on them is just as nice, if not nicer, than even the Rycote equivalent slip on/softie style screens (at least on the older Rycote softie models I've played around with), because they have such a nice and tight grip on the body of the mics, that NO wind or air can get inside the back of the mics & screens, and is one of my favorite things about these. Without shelling out big bucks and going for a blimp or Rycote BBG's, these are plenty good enough for the live location audio recording that I do (aka taping of live music with stereo pairs of Schoeps mics), which is sometimes far away from the stage/speakers. If the wind is THAT severe, there's going to be a good amount of phasing anyway, regardless of the windscreens or blimps used IMO!!!

So far I have used a few models of the Movo screens and have liked them ALL. I currently have/own the WST-50's above, which I love because they're all black and DON'T have any fur covering. Besides, the ballistic nylon design looks really cool too!!!

Overall I HIGHLY recommend these screens, ESPECIALLY for their low cost, and I've already recommended these to a TON of my taper friends, who also really enjoy using these. Thanks again to Movo for making such high quality products for a very reasonable price! You have a lifetime customer from me!!!