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Rigid Foam Windscreen


This rigid microphone windscreen features a furry outer, acoustic foam internal layer, and airtight rubber base, providing 360-degrees of protection from wind and unwanted noise.

Buy Now, pay later with
  • SUPERIOR WIND PROTECTION - Features a Simulated Rabbit Fur Outer Layer & Acoustic Foam Inner
  • Tapered Rubber Base for 360-degree wind protection
  • Reduces wind noise by up to 40dB with minimal high-frequency loss
  • Reduces Vocal Plosives
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with USA-Based Support
The Movo WS-GS Series Windscreen is part of our professional line of windscreens and features a dual artificial fur outer layer, acoustic foam inner layer, and airtight rubber base for maximum 360° wind protection.

How to measure
First, ensure that your microphone capsule is between 18-23mm in diameter. Then, determine the length you need by measuring from the front-end of the capsule to the end of the grille (vents), and add about 1cm to that measurement to ensure a full seal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tom B.
WS-G120, Deity V-Mic DR3 Pro

Very nice. The Deity, D3 Pro is actually 120mm from the shock mount to tip of the capsule so, the WS-G100 is a tad short and the WS-G120 a tad long. The ideal fit would be a WS-G??? at exactly 130mm so.....the WS-G120 is what fits best.

Sean L.
Fits great!

Awesome product. Happy thus far!!!

Rob H.
Great Deadcat for Rode Videomic NTG

Bought this deadcat for the rode video mic ntg and it works great! Cuts down on wind noise dramatically. Would absolutely recommend

Patrick S.
Dead cat for Deity D3

Quick shipping and looks like it’s made to fit the Deity. Plus it gets rid of the giant Deity logo on the side of the foam cover. Hate that.

Amazing windscreens and value!!!

These are a great compliment to my Movo WST-50 ballistic nylon windscreens, so I have a choice of "Classic Softie" or "Super Softie" style windscreens!

I'm going to do some A/B testing with my WST-50's vs. my new WS-G30's/WS-G50's here REALLY soon with my brand new MATCHED pair of Schoeps MK 41V mic capsules, as well my matched MK 4 capsules, on a relatively windy day, and see which ones I prefer for myself and my Recording situations!!!

I'll definitely be leaving another review or two once I do some testing, and I absolutely LOVE every windscreen I've tried from Movo!!! You simply CAN'T go wrong with their amazing build, sound quality AND effectiveness, especially for their MORE THAN fair pricing!

Movo is simply a no brainer of a company, with awesome customer service as well 😎👍🎶🎙️🎧

Awesome bang for your buck windscreens!!!

I need to do more testing and Recording with these and do an A/B comparison vs the Movo WST-50's on a nice and windy day. But I already like these a LOT because they're smaller than the WST-50's and I like that they have a double layer of artificial fur on the outside.

Plus, these are DOUBLE the price, so they have to be "better", right? LOL 😁 As usual with the Movo windscreens I've used, they're extremely well made and should last a long time. Add in their price and value and you have another no brainer here too!

I've included a couple of pictures to show them on my Schoeps MK4 microphone capsules. I can't wait to do some A/B testing between these and the WS-G30's too 😎👍🎶🎙️🎧