Lavalier Microphone Foam Windscreens (5 Pack) | Movo


Lavalier Microphone Foam Windscreens (5 Pack)

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  • High-quality acoustic foam
  • Reduces vocal plosives
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Protects mic from moisture and dirt
  • Pack of 5 foam windscreens

The Movo lavalier windscreens are designed to reduce unwanted vocal pops and broadband wind noise with minimal high-frequency loss. these windscreens are effective in minimizing wind noise and plosive sounds. They are most effective in calm to light breeze conditions (0-7mph) and can be used indoors for protection against drafts caused by air-conditioners. Users can generally expect a notable reduction in wind noise, with very slight dampening of high frequencies. For most applications, this is a worthwhile exchange.

Available in 6.3mm diameter X 14.5mm length, 4mm X 14.5mm length, and 9.5mm diameter X 16mm length