Blimp Wind Protector


This blimp-style wind and vibration encloser will give you the ultimate protection from wind and noise interference for your shotgun microphone.

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  • ULTIMATE WIND AND VIBRATION REDUCTION SYSTEM - Features a Blimp Capsule, 12-point Shockmount, Internal XLR Cable, Grip Handle & "Deadcat" Windscreen - Essential Tool for Film, ENG, Video, and Field Production
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Fits Most Shotgun Microphones up to 15" (38cm) Long, Including the Rode NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, & NTG4, Sennheiser MKH-416, & MKE 600, Audio-Technica AT875R, AT8035, AT897 & Many More
  • RUBBERIZED GRIP HANDLE - Perfect for Run & Gun Audio Capturing - Also Features 1/4" & 3/8" Threads for Boompole or Tripod Attachment
  • FURRY "DEADCAT" - Oversized Zippered "Deadcat" Windscreen Fits Snugly Over the Blimp, Further Reducing Wind Noise by up to 40dB
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve got your back! The BWS1000 includes a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

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Emmanuel V.
BWS1000 - A solid blimp kit for the price

A solid blimp kit for the price!!
I’m running an Audio Technica AT8035 shotgun mic which is 14.5 inches long and fits perfectly on the suspension rig. The blimp alone does a pretty good of isolating the mic but the windscreen that goes over it is even better at making sure the mic does not pic up any wind when outside. Solid blimp kit for the price!! When I first saw this kit, they were sold out. I called Movo and was told it would be in stock in about a week and half. Once I placed my order, the kit arrived in 2 days. Excellent customer service and speedy delivery. I also got a freebie (usb lavalier mic)

Tyler h.W.
Genuinely couldn't be better

It's hilarious how if you look at the rode blimp and compare it to this, the movo way outshines the competitor in every way and costs less than half of the rode. Highly highly recommend this blimp

ariel v.

Good product, with this we have replaced the Rode Blimps at a more competitive price, without lowering the quality.
Buying via the web was a good experience, it arrives quickly and the tracking information is adequate

Good experience with Movo Blimp, we will try to try other products of that brand.

The S.H.
So far, so good

Nice. Well built. Purposely took it out in 26mph winds just to see how much rumble I would get. I got a little here and there, not awful,but when the wind dropped to around 15mph. Very nice.

Walter M.
Don’t have

It is now the eleventh day after I ordered the Movo BWS 1000 and it has yet to be delivered by the Post Office. So much for 2 day shipping!!!

David H.
From the source..............

I bought the Movo blimp from Amazon. When it arrived I could hear a rattling sound in the box.An xlr was broken. A phone call to MOVO to get a new cable was answered very quickly.....then I realized how much more cool items MOVO has on their website,that convinced me that the right thing to do was to create an account and order a new blimp ! The new blimp arrived within a couple of days or so !! I was treated very very well. From now on I will deal with MOVO directly. The blimp itself is awesome !! I have two RODE blimps …..but, MOVO has managed to make a blimp as good , if not better than the RODE. At a surprising cost too. Glad I learned of this great device.Very glad I bought one.

Movo BWS1000 Blimp Windshield

Professional run and gun audio made easy! The Movo BWS1000 Blimp is the perfect solution for protecting your audio from wind and vibrations while on the go.

With its 12-point shock mount an internal XLR cable, the BWS1000 will keep your 15" shotgun microphone completely secure. Simply insert your shotgun mic into the shock mount, connect it to the internal XLR cable, close up the capsule, and you’re ready to add your boom pole.

Filmmakers, reporters, and boom operators all love it. It allows them to capture quality audio on the fly while never missing a beat.

Why it’s so good: The Movo BWS1000 features a state of the art blimp capsule, a 12-point shockmount, and an internal XLR Cable - the essential tool for film, ENG, video, and field production. The BWS1000 also includes a "deadcat" windscreen to shield your audio from even the strongest gusts of wind and a rubberized handle to ensure a firm grip.

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Movo BWS1000 Blimp

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Capturing clean and clear audio can sometimes be a challenge. Head out of a studio and unwanted noises can get your blood boiling. While we can always try to remove background noise in post-production, the more you mess with your audio after it’s already been captured, the more issues you can run into.

Utilizing a shotgun microphone, like the VXR100L from Movo, is an excellent start to capturing more of the audio you want and less of the unwanted background noise. Shotgun microphones are typically supercardioid microphones, which means they are directional and pick up sound more in front of the mic rather than that to the sides or behind. Since these are directional, often they will be attached to a boom pole or rig that is moving with the subject or audio being captured. Whenever you add movement to a microphone, you increase the opportunity for handling noise to get picked up by the microphone. Even when using a boom, sound from your hands touching the grip can travel all the way up the pole and into the microphone. Removing these taps and dings, along with any other handling noise, can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and stressful in post-production.

The BWS1000 is a professional windshield and suspension system that can dramatically reduce the amount of unwanted noise that you pick up. This system is designed to be used with XLR shotgun microphones up to 320 mm in length. It can be used handheld with the adjustable and rubberized hand grip or mounted to boom poles, tripods, and other rigs with the 3/8 inch or 1/4 inch threads. A 12-point shock mount supports the shotgun microphone made up of three rings, each with four suspension bands and an inner clip for attaching the microphone. Extra suspension bands are also included. This shock mount is excellent at reducing vibrations and handling noise.

An outer blimp capsule slides along the shock mount rail to completely cover the microphone, allowing sound to pass through while limiting the amount of wind noise that gets picked up by the mic. An internal female XLR cable plugs into the microphone and a male XLR plug at the handgrip is where you attach your own XLR cable. The blimp also has a front and rear dome that are easily removed, providing access to the inside of the blimp. For those extra windy days, a furry or “deadcat” windscreen is also included and securely fits over the entire blimp capsule, while still providing access to the hand grip/mount as well as the XLR cable.

When it comes to recording audio with my shotgun XLR mic, the BWS1000 is a piece of gear that I want to take with me. I can grab the entire system with the included carrying case, along with my shotgun microphone and a boom pole with confidence that I’ll be ready to capture some clean and clear audio.


Compatible Microphone Size: 19-22mm Diameter x up to 15" (38cm) Length
Internal Spacing: 125mm Diameter x 325mm Length
Dimensions (LxHxW): 19 x 5.1 x 7.5" (48 x 13 x 19cm)
Weight: 1.65 lbs (750g)

  • Desktop Computer Microphone for Conference Calls over VoIP, Skype, and More
  • Capable of capturing sound in a 20-foot radius, with 180° coverage
  • Headphone Monitoring Jack
  • USB Plug-&-Play Setup - PC & Mac Compatible
  • 1 Year Movo Warranty with U.S.A Based Support

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