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VXR10 Video Microphone

"This is my new favorite microphone to recommend, and it's pretty dope."

- Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

BWS1000 Blimp

"If you're shooting outdoors and you do need a blimp to cut down on wind noise, it's great."

- Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

WMX-1 Wireless Microphone

"A device that you could use for smartphone or DSLR or mirrorless camera...this unit is a good fit for a lot of us out there."

- Trey Lowell, Lowell Productions

VXR10+ Smartphone Video Kit

"A nice little filming kit!"

- Josh Quinonez

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Great little light

Very light. Can also use on tripod or other mount.

Birthday Gift for Someone

Haven't given the gift yet. Sure it'll be fine. Had great reviews which is why I bought this one and not another.


This cable works exactly as expected and is just the right tool for coming out of a line level into my wireless transmitter mic input.

Double shotgun mic

It’s so nifty, I love the compact size and how crisp everything sounds. Only problem I have is the red holder being too tight, it feels like it’s going to break. Other than that, amazing.

Best thing ever

It worked for 3 yrs now and it's great I use on my videos and for my photo shoots

Great windscreen, awesome service

I’ve been using a larger version of this screen for a couple years and love it. This smaller one is an addition to my kit; wasn’t in stock at that big jungle store so ordered direct from MOVO. Fast free shipping and easy checkout.

These perform well and are holding up fine. Unbeatable price.

This is my second one of these. I have a red one I’ve owned for several years, and I bought this one in black for my Sony PCM-D100 recorder. The red one has held up without issues in service with a TASCAM DR-100mkiii recorder. Both recorders are dense and heavy, and the SSM5 suspension is almost perfectly “tuned” for their weight. Great isolation for hand holding. Much sturdier than they appear to be. Recommended.

Movo 3.5mm (M) Stereo TRS Output Cable

Works great on my COMICA CVM-VM10II microphone

Love it

I really love this device. It is solid and well built and the price was excellent. It’s a great value. I think I could have spent more money but not received a better device. My D500-200-500 balance very well and my bird shooting is already seeing the benefit.

Great price/great gimbal

Great build lightb weight

This thing rocks!

I could write a book about this gadget, I love it. I use it for consistency in architectural jobs and for fun with other types of shooting. I'm not sure how I got by my first 45 years of shooting professionally with out.

Nice Addition to my Arsenal ot Gadgets!!

We were able to record a radio quality podcast episode all on my phone . Sent the audio over . Easily edited it and got it right on the air. I love it !!

Fits great!

Awesome product. Happy thus far!!!

Poor instructions, had to download open camera, don't like it, my camera is better. Had a hard time pairing.

Non-Standard Application

I am impressed. This is a well built and attractive piece of equipment. It is almost worthy of being a decorative item for the mechanically minded. I am positive if used for the purpose for which it was designed, it would be perfect. The device I am using with the SK-GH10 is not easily mounted at its exact center of gravity and weighs approximately nine pounds. This device uses a mount that is made like a clamp with a standard 3/8 and 1/4 inch threaded holes in the bottom as found on a camera and has a large clamping adjustment knob on the side. The SK-GH10 uprights, swing arm, and sliding plate will handle the application with no sign of strain. The 1/4 inch camera locking screw in the quick release plate causes some concern and a 3/8 screw would be better. To get close to a balanced configuration, I must attach the device mount at the end of the quick release plate then extend the plate to its limit. The quick release plate flexes slightly under the load and a short prayer is in order for the 1/4 inch screw. I believe an alternative Acra-Swiss mount may solve my unusual problem. A second quick release plate with a 3/8 inch screw would be a nice addition.


This is a great product that fits my needs & I plan to get more receivers soon for bigger projects. I am thankful for the robust case, plush sectioned interior, and accessories. It moves into the amazing category with a sound recorder (which anyone doing any serious work should have anyway). Had the product for 2 years now & they are still great.

Never recieved it

Never recieved it about to cancel my card

This mic does NOT include a lightning connector, so you better buy one first!

Seems well built, I will review again if the Lightning dongle I ordered works.

Works with my Boya lavalier mic

Bought this UCMA-3 to use with my Samsung S7 tablet. At first, I thought it wasn't working because I couldn't hear any audio after doing a recording. Then I realized I had to unplug my mic from my tablet first. Voila! I could hear the audio. Great product.

Awesome sound

It's just amazing how great the sound is

Best Mic Yet

I had to lower my mic stand considerably due to such high quality. I am now relearning, with my first good mic apparently, how to read my audible books because it so much crisper I am needing to lower my vocals some. But much obliged. Now that Armageddon has arrived with a bioweapon release from Wuhan and the subsequent mandated mRNA spike protein gene editing bioweapon I feel it’s important to get some exposure to the evil behind this extinction level event attack. I finished Bobby Kennedy’s book The Real Fauci available on my free speech channel Hillbilly Mystic on Odysee. I am currently making an audible of Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. You know the one where he says he is going to eliminate 7 billion useless eaters in the coming years. Seems important enough to have a nice mic for?

Smartphone Video Kit W/ Shotgun Mic, Light, & More