What's the Best Smartphone Mic for Your Device?

Generally, a microphone for smartphones should be small and light so that you can use it with ease while connected via the phone’s jack or mounted onto a phone grip. If you plan to shoot a wide variety of activities, your best bet would be either a shotgun mic or a lapel mic.

Why Use Shotgun Microphones for Your Phone?

Smartphone shotgun mics can come as a plug-and-play design or a professional-grade directional mic that can also be used on DSLR cameras. They’re compatible with Android phones and iPhone models with a 3.5mm socket. Most shotgun mics for smartphones are designed to fit directly into the headphone jack, but a 3.5mm adapter will also allow you to attach this accessory to your mobile device.

As shotgun mics are directional, they pick up sounds right in front of them and shield the noise from other directions. They’re great for interviews, outdoor shoots, vlogging, and more. These types of microphones are designed to capture sound at its source rather than background audio, so be sure to use these if you’re trying to record crisp sound from one specific speaker, instrument or other sound source.

Why Use Lavalier Microphones for Your Phone?

If you want a simple lapel or lavalier microphone for your smartphone, an affordable battery-free plug-in model will do. Wireless lapels let your subject move freely, but if you want the same flexibility for your wired mics, go for those with a generous cable length. A decent lavalier has a good signal-to-noise ratio, a foam cover for filtering distortions and a sturdy clip to attach to clothing. These are the first three qualities to note, as they can affect the quality of the speech you’ll record.

Lavalier microphones are typically small to make them less distracting.These mics are easy to use and clip on to your actor, interviewee or subject to capture crisp audio without asking them to hold a large, distracting microphone.

Do You Really Need an External Microphone for Your Smartphone?

If you’re a digital content creator who’s constantly making fresh videos and sharing viral stories, then you would definitely benefit from smartphone mics and audio accessories. Using an external mic for your Android or iPhone can help you publish even faster by skipping the editing process of low-quality audio because sometimes your iPhone’s tiny built-in microphone just won’t cut it.