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Smartphone Microphones

Elevate your iPhone or Android smartphone’s audio recording capabilities with an external microphone to improve your vlogs, videos, podcasts and more.

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Smartphones have evolved to capture some of the highest quality videos. Many people even use their mobile phones to shoot professional projects, but unfortunately, these devices lack the level of sound quality required by professionals. Digital content creators, who are frequently using their smartphones to make fresh videos and share viral content, would certainly benefit from smartphone microphones and audio accessories.

These external devices are compatible with Androids and iPhones, and they’re compact enough to carry with you anywhere. Skip the tedious process of editing low-quality sound in your videos when you use microphones for phones to capture voices and ambient sounds. When your device’s built-in mic just isn’t cutting it, invest in one of these handy devices. Movo’s extensive collection of camera accessories includes some of the best smartphone microphones to help our customers create high-quality content on the go.