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Microphone Accessories & Attachments

Improve your audio with accessories that eliminate noise and shaking. Our wide range of microphone accessories can help you get the most out of your gear

Even if the quality of your videos is spot-on, without high-quality audio to accompany it your videos won’t appear as professional. There are dozens of useful microphone accessories on the market that can help reduce background noise and give your audio an overall cleaner sound. With these added accessories, you can create great, shareable content that everyone will love.

If you’re the kind of photographer who loves capturing the perfect action shot, you may want toinvest in microphone shock mounts, which use pieces of rubber to stabilize the camera and absorb any vibrations from fast movements or impact. These are best used in a scenario where the camera and the subject are both moving.

Windscreens are another essential piece of audio equipment necessary to reduce background noise and improve the overall quality. If you’re regularly recording your videos outside, you’re definitely going to notice that your mic is picking up wind and other background sounds. Also known as mic socks or muffs, microphone windscreens are designed with foam or fur to filter out the sound of wind.

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