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Couple your adventure videos with high-quality audio. Get GoPro microphones and adapters to maximize your audio recording experience. 


GoPros are the perfect compact camera to take anywhere, but sometimes the built-in microphone can distort and muffle sounds when filming action shots. If you find yourself struggling to hear the audio in your extreme sports videos, you need an external GoPro microphone. This device greatly enhances GoPro audio quality and makes your videos look more professional. High-quality sound is essential for these action-packed projects as it adds to the adrenaline-pumping scenes and helps your videos stand out from the rest.

For devices that are not compatible with the external mic, you can use a GoPro audio adapter to attach a microphone that can pick up the audio you want to include and eliminate distracting background noise. To help you create enticing action videos, invest in a GoPro video bundle like the Movo MicRig Extreme Sport Edition, which includes a sturdy handle, stereo mic, and GoPro holder.