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Gimbal Tripod Heads

Shoot photos and videos with a reliable tripod gimbal head. Get amazing results even with distant and fast-moving subjects. Perfect for sports and wildlife photography!


For anyone using heavy camera equipment, a gimbal tripod head is an essential accessory. This type of tripod is designed to hold large equipment with some models– like the Movo GH700 –supporting up to 30 lbs. The gimbal head is often used by those who film wildlife or live sports as it supports the weight of the camera while adjusting the direction of the camera with nothing more than the press of a button.

For photography, you’ll need to attach the gimbal head to a static tripod and manually operate the device, but it’s important that it has been perfectly balanced to ensure the best quality shots. If you’re using your gimbal heads for videography, you’ll want to invest in a motorized version like the Movo MGB-5, which stabilizes the camera while it moves. You can use the remote-controlled joystick to move the camera and capture panning, tilting or rotating shots from a distance.