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Camera Audio Mixers

Control audio levels and mix them just the way you like it. Audio mixers allow you to improve the sound quality of your videos.


An on-camera audio mixer lets you control and combine sounds recorded from one or two microphones. You can use it while shooting videos, but it also gives you better sound control during post-process if you want to modify audio signals to achieve a certain auditory effect. 

What does a camera audio mixer do?

Audio mixers for DSLR cameras give you more than the ability to regulate audio quality. One of our bestsellers, the Saramonic SR-AX100 Universal Audio Adapter, is known for its convenient size, smart build, and great price.

Mix Two Audio Sources

Camera audio mixers usually have left, right, and stereo input jacks for connecting microphones. They also have two knobs for controlling the audio levels picked up by the mics. You can increase or decrease the levels from each of the two sources as you record.

Edit Audio Easily

When vlogging or in situations where you can’t manually control the audio levels as you shoot, using microphone mixers enable you to fix the sound in post instead. That also works when you’re using only one mic. Just connect the mic to the stereo input, and adjust the left and right knobs, with one recording at a higher level than the other. That way, if the audio recorded by the left input is too loud, you can use a regulated version of the audio caught by the right input instead.

Mount Multiple Accessories

Moston-camera audio mixers have integrated mounting shoes for accessories like microphones, monitors, and lights. Universal models are a good choice if you want to accommodate multiple gears or switch to another video recording equipment. For smartphones, consider all-in-one bundles like the Saramonic SmartMixer, which comes with a mixer, a rig, a handle, and two microphones.

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