MOVO Microphones: A Closer Look at Our Lineup

February 11, 2021 4 min read

MOVO Microphones: A Closer Look at Our Lineup | Movo Photo

If there’s one thing creative individuals know how to do it’s improvise with what they have. But when it comes to telling your story, you shouldn’t let things like gear stand in the way.

Whether you’re working on a razor-thin budget or don’t have the time to research a new setup, our microphone lineup is sure to have something that’ll help get your ideas off the ground. 

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that finding the perfect microphone for all of your content is akin to finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow—it’s pretty unlikely. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great mic that’ll take your audio to the next level. Below we’ll discuss which microphones we consider the best for smartphones and cameras, as well as what we’re using for vlogging, gaming, music recording, interviews, and work. 

Movo On-Camera Microphones

Ready to attach directly to your DSLR or mirrorless camera’s 3.5mm audio input, on-camera mics help capture the sound happening right in front of the camera. The most popular on-camera mic—and probably the most familiar—is the shotgun-style mic. But you can use handheld or lavalier style microphones depending on the type of content you’re trying to capture.

Shotgun Microphones

A long, barrel-like mic that’s designed for pinpointing the sound coming from a single direction, shotgun microphones are a staple on film sets. The longer, supercardioid shotgun mics—like the  Movo VXR40—are designed to be mounted on boom poles so you can get it up close to the actors without having to move the camera in closer. If you’re on a budget or trying to keep your setup light, smaller shotgun mics like the  Movo VXR10 or  Movo VXR3031 are capable of capturing dynamic audio with little to no interference depending on the range.

Stereo Microphones 

Similar in style to the shotgun mic, stereo mics serve to capture more than just the sound directly in front of it. The presence of two capsules gives your audio a more natural sound for more realistic vocals and background noise. From city streets to the beach, stereo mics always sound right in the middle of the action. Regardless of your price range, the  Movo VXR280 and  Movo VXR500 are both great and affordable stereo mic options that’ll instantly elevate your camera’s audio.

Movo Smartphone Microphones

With the rise in camera quality over the last few years, smartphones are increasingly becoming more popular for content creators of all creeds. Not only is it lighter to carry a phone around, but you can upload your content directly to your platform of choice. But while your smartphones camera might be up to the task, the small built-in mic is hardly capable of capturing quality sound. If you’re looking to improve your smartphone videos, an external smartphone mic is sure to offer improved audio without all the bulk.

Lavalier Microphones

The world of smartphone microphones is vast and ever-changing, but within that universe are a few tried and true mics that have stood the test of time. Lavalier mics are small enough to be clipped to the lapel or collar of your shirt and are typically wireless to allow the user free range of movement while the talk. Whether you’re giving a lecture, conducting an interview, or just like to have freedom of movement while filming, models like the  Movo EDGE-DI,  Movo EDGE-UC,  Movo WMX-1, or the  Movo LV1 lavalier mic are all great options for your Apple- or Android-based smartphones.

External Smartphone Microphones

Unlike lavalier microphones, an external smartphone mic typically plugs directly into your smartphones 3.5mm audio jack or main USB input. An external mic may offer a more full sound, but may also require an additional rig setup to hold both the mic and your phone. Luckily, the  Movo PR-1-PM and  Movo PR-2 come with both external microphone as well as rigging and lights for your phone.

Movo Wireless Microphone Systems

Similar, but not limited to just lavalier-style microphones, a wireless microphone system uses transmitters and receivers to capture audio at a distance. This gives you a greater range—sometimes up to 200 feet—of audio recording. That means you can capture medium- and long-shots without compromising sound quality. The  Movo WMIC50,  Movo WMX-20-DUO, and the  Movo WMIC80 microphones all offer uncompromising wireless audio quality.

Podcasting & Recording Microphones

Larger microphones capable of capturing a larger sound field, podcasting and recording mics typically feature larger recording capsules, adjustable polar patterns, and higher frequency ranges than shotgun or lavalier microphones.

Podcasting Microphones

Whether you record in your bedroom or in a studio, a good podcasting microphone can really set you apart from the crowd. In many cases, people think that the larger the mic, the better the quality. While large desk mics might come with bigger capsules and condensers, modern audio processing technology has made recording with smaller microphones easier than ever. The  Movo UM700 and  Movo Smartphone Podcasting Bundle are both great places to start for solo- or interview-style podcasts.

Recording Microphones

While a recording microphone might serve a similar purpose as a podcast microphone, recording mics offers a bit more emphasis on capturing a full sound stage. Great for in-studio vocal and musical recordings, these mics typically are loaded with large condensers, capsules, and tons of filters to eliminate room tones and background noise. Microphones like the  Movo PC-M6,  Movo VSM-5, and  Movo VSM-7 are sure to give you the best shot at capturing your next hit.

If you’re looking for another microphone or just want a closer look at our catalogue, you can check out our full lineup of on-camera, smartphone, wireless, podcast, and recording microphones. Even if you're on a budget and are looking for the best microphones under $50, we've got that too! As with all Movo products, every microphone comes with a one-year warranty and access to our excellent customer support team so you can buy and learn with ease.