Vlogging & YouTube Equipment

Find all the best gear to get started on your vlog or YouTube channel, whether you are filming with your smartphone or a professional camera.

Tell Your Story

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a YouTube star? 

You get to share all the cool stuff happening in your life and inspire millions of viewers with your story. Best of all, you’re getting paid for doing what you love.

If you want to knowhow to be a successful YouTuber, start with a vlog. It’s the most in-demand form of content on YouTube right now. It’s also an effective way to engage with your audience and gain new subscribers. And that’s exactly how your favorite YouTube celebrities built their solid fanbase. 

Vlogs are fun and potentially very lucrative. But it takes a lot of work to make quality content that people want to watch and are even willing to pay for. You have to put in the time and effort to craft a nice story and tell it in a way that grabs people’s attention. 

To do that, you must first have good vlogging equipment.

Essential Vlogging Gear

The ideal vlogging equipment for beginners starts with a camera. It could be any camera that you have, so it’s totally fine if all you’ve got is a smartphone. You don’t need to have all the big cameras and fancy gear to start filming. Just make the most out of the essentials and get more accessories as you go deeper into the craft and as your shooting needs evolve.

Here’s a basic vlogging setup:

Vlogging Equipment for Smartphones and GoPros

For vloggers on the go, smartphones and GoPros are more convenient than a DSLR because of their size and portability. It’s easier to whip out your iPhone to take videos in the spur of the moment or attach an action cam to your body when doing extreme sports. 

The advantages of mobile vlogging:

Check out these vlogging kits for your iPhone or Android:

Vlogging 101: Tips for Shooting Your First YouTube Video

Now that you have an idea about which equipment to use, it’s time to shoot your first vlog! The number one tip is to make your video worth watching till the end by sticking to a story. We discussed this in our ultimate guide to starting a vlog. In addition to that, here are some ways to add flair to your videos:

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