Movo WebMic HD Pro: All-in-One HD Webcam, Mic and LED Light (PRE-ORDER- Ships August 2021)

Achieve professional-quality audio, video, and lighting with the Movo WebMic HD Pro, an all-in-one HD web camera, condenser microphone, and LED lighting solution.

As experts in audio and video equipment for content creators, we are excited to introduce our WebMic HD Pro—an all-in-one mic, camera, and light that makes it easier than ever to produce high-quality content without breaking the bank. Whether you’re live-streaming your games, taking meetings at home, or teaching a class, the WebMic HD Pro centralizes all of your gear into one compact, easy-to-use setup.

Capture crisp audio that’s free of unwanted background noise with Movo WebMic’s cardioid condenser microphone:

  •  Accurate directional pickup pattern provides focused sound
  •  Gain control adjustment knob lets you tailor your audio tone
  •  Headphone audio jack lets you monitor recording playback in real-time
  •  Physical mute function - press the volume button to mute the microphone

Enjoy your Zoom calls with the Movo WebMic HD and WebMic HD Pro:

  •  Built-in 1080p camera enhances your video quality
  •  Capture video at 30 frames per second for professional-level video recording

*Features only available with the WebMic HD and WebMic HD Pro

To take your video quality up a notch, the Movo WebMic 4K and Movo WebMic 4K Pro’s integrated 4K webcam captures crystal-clear video — perfect for creating content and hosting livestreams.

*Features only available with the WebMic 4K and WebMic 4K Pro

Achieve picture-perfect lighting with the Movo built-in LED ring light:


  •  Integrated LED ring light casts a natural tone for a balanced, neutral look


  • Brightness settings can be adjusted between three levels for the perfect light

*Features only available with the WebMic HD Pro and WebMic 4K Pro

All Movo WebMic models include a portable stand that doubles as a grip for handheld use.

You can tilt the mic up or down depending on your desk setup and shot preferences, or attach it directly to your monitor using the included mounting bracket.

If you need more versatility or prefer a top-down shot, you can attach the WebMic to our ASM-5 studio boom arm.


Multi-device connection issues are a thing of the past.

Every WebMic model comes with a built-in 3.5-millimeter TRS headphone input that lets you connect and monitor your audio in real-time.

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