SmartCine Wireless Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit

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  • All-in-one Smartphone Video Kit - Features a universal phone rig, wireless lavalier microphone system with built-in receiver and bodypack transmitter, led light, wide-angle, fisheye, & telephoto lenses, and more
  • Smartphone Rig: Adjustable grip to fit smartphones between 2.2" - 3.8", adjustable viewfinder to align the lens mount to any smartphone, comfortable grip handle and wrist strap, tripod mountable
  • Wireless Lavalier Microphone System: Built-in receiver and remote bodypack transmitter with lavalier mic - delivers crystal-clear audio directly to your phone; Powered by the internal SmartCine rechargeable battery
  • LED Light: 36 brilliant white LED's deliver 46 lumens of light perfect for vlogging; Three output levels, powered by the internal SmartCine rechargable battery
  • 1-Year Warranty: We’ve got your back! Our products are designed to ease your technical woes, not add to them. Our friendly US-Based support is here to help

SmartCine Wireless Smartphone Video Kit

Sevenoak SmartCine Wireless by Movo

Smartphone video quality has improved tremendously - but they’re still not quite ready for professional quality productions. Enter the SmartCine Wireless - a revolutionary, all-in-one smartphone video kit that significantly and easily improves your videos.

The SmartCine is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for any on-the-go creator. Vloggers, journalists, livestreamers and mobile filmmakers all love it. Its combination of quality audio, powerful LED lighting, and multiple lens options gives you the ability to vastly improve both audio and visual elements of your videos.

Why it’s so good: the wireless microphone has over 160 feet of range, giving you additional flexibility for your videos and allowing the subject to move about freely without worrying about poor audio quality.

Sevenoak SmartCine by Movo

Yes, it's groundbreaking

Tired of bad audio on your smartphone videos? Weak lighting, and boring shots? So are we. The SmartCine is an all-in-one kit for adding video production superpowers to any smartphone. It's incredibly compact, effective, and inexpensive.No matter where you are or what story you're telling, you can capture every moment with cinematic-quality quickly, effortlessly, and conveniently. A must have device for anyone who loves making videos, vlogging, or just simply creating!

SmartCine compatible devices

Fully Compatible with your Smartphone
Samsung, Apple, Google, and More!

The SmartCine Wireless is the perfect solution for vloggers and video creators, or anyone else looking for an affordable, portable, and versatile way to dramatically improve their smartphone video, no matter what smartphone you have! Whether you want to capture videos of your pets, your kids, your travels, or your dance moves, the SmartCine eliminates bad audio, improves lighting, and helps you get great shots!


SmartCine Wireless LED Light

Three-Level LED Light Ring
The integrated LED ring light gives you warm, full illumination with just the flick of a finger. Three selectable settings and 36 LEDs give you bright but-soft illumination perfect for highlighting your eyes and lighting up the scene.

SmartCine Wireless Microphone

Pro Microphone
The built-in receiver picks up clean audio from the wireless transmitter from over 160 feet away. It also gives you the ability to adjust your audio, and includes a headphone jack for audio monitoring.

SmartCine Wireless Lenses

Wide-Angle Lenses
Three attachable lenses are included: wide-angle, fisheye, & telephoto. These give you the ability to shoot a wide variety of different stylistic shots.

Note: The telephoto lens included with the SmartCine will have difficulty focusing on newer smartphones with multiple cameras. For this reason, we include a rubber eyecup so you can utilize the telephoto as a stand-alone monocular.


  • Transducer: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 35-14,000Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 84dB
  • Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Life: 150 hours
  • Plug: 3.5mm Jack
  • Working Time: 6 hours

Wireless Transmitter and Microphone
Lavalier microphone with wireless transmitter that can be clipped onto your belt

SmartCine wireless transmitter

Carrying Case
Hard carrying case for the SmartCine and accessories

SmartCine carrying case

Five furry lav windscreens reduce wind noise and ensure clear audio recording.

furry lav windscreens

3.5mm TRRS cable and USB charging cable for the SmartCine

SmartCine cables

Three specialized lenses: Telephoto, Fisheye and 0.45x Wide Angle Lens

SmartCine lenses

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product

Awesome product

Everything works great and i love It.

Very Nice Video Kit

I love my new Smart Cine Wireless Smartphone Video Kit! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 as the telephoto lens is totally useless. The wide angle and fisheye lenses work well. It does take a bit of tweeking to get the phone camera lens to line up properly. Aside from those two things, I'm very pleased.