Microphone Accessories

Improve your audio with accessories that eliminate noise and shaking. Our wide range of microphone accessories can help you get the most out of your gear

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How can microphone accessories enhance your audio and video?

Professional audio accessories make it easier for filmmakers and production crews to shoot videos, share media, and ensure that the final output will turn out clear and in top quality. There are add-ons that are specifically made to help you transmit or record spotless sounds using an external microphone. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used microphone accessories available in our shop and see what they can do.

Shock Mounts

Microphone shock mounts secure the microphone to the camera or audio recorder using sturdy and sometimes rubberized materials. They minimize noise and sudden movements by absorbing shock and vibrations that you may get in unstable shooting environments. Some designs can support up to 4.4 lbs (2 kg) of weight, and others may have suspension points for superior noise and vibration handling.

Microphone Cables

Microphone cables are adapters, connectors, and extensions that enhance audio signal transmission. They are ideal for professional uses like live performances, studio recording, and broadcasting. Some microphone cables are also made specifically for smartphones. If you’re looking for accessories like a TRRS to TRS adapter, choose a design that promises long-lasting premium performance even with daily heavy use.


Microphone windscreens, also known as mic socks, muffs, blimps, or deadcats, are used for covering the microphone head and protect it from breath blasts and blowing winds that can distort output sound. They are typically made from foam or synthetic fur materials that can filter out strong blowing winds, making windscreens suitable for outdoor shoots. Windscreens come in different shapes and sizes to fit onto lapels, hand-mics, and shotgun mics.


Rods and brackets are mounting systems that are usually placed above the recording device to attach lights, extenders, and other microphone accessories. Like shock mounts, brackets come in a variety of designs for carrying loads of different weights and sizes. They could be as little as a mini plug-and-play mic or something bigger like a monitor.

How to choose microphone accessories that are compatible with each other

Every piece of equipment you add should be compatible with your microphone system and video recording device. You can put together your own audio accessory set or get accessory bundles consisting of stabilizers, mics, and windscreens that work well with each other. If you use multiple video devices or brands, universal accessories are a smart choice.

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