Professional Camera & Video Equipment

Shoot amazing videos usingprofessional camera equipment. Enhance your movie-making experience with accessories for different shooting conditions, styles, and devices.


What accessories work best with professional video cameras?

Shooting great videos requires more than just putting the camera in place and letting it record all the action. Most of the time, you have to move with the lens and find new perspectives to immerse the viewers in your visual story. Having the right gear and accessories will help you bring your vision into life. Here's a list of our recommended add-ons that will level up your production value.

Rods and Brackets

Rods and brackets let you mount other video-making gears and accessories to your DSLR camera. They can be used for attaching two or more devices at a time, such as lights and microphones.

Matte Boxes

Matte boxes block stray light that may otherwise cause lens flare and haziness. You attach it to the end of a lens like a lens hood. The difference is that unlike lens hoods, matte boxes have adjustable, movable flaps. For professional use, we recommend the Movo MB400 MK II, a lightweight and durable matte box made from machined aluminum and high-grade plastic. Aside from reducing glare, it also lets you change the filter in front of your lens easily.

Follow Focus

If you’re into filmmaking, you’re probably familiar with the follow focus, a mechanical system that helps camera operators pull focus precisely. DSLR users may opt for a follow focus system with hard stops and adjustable gear rings. This machinery gives additional creative control when using cameras that don’t have auto-focus capabilities or when shooting in low light environments where focus lag can happen.


Crystal clear audio can elevate people’s viewing experience and make documentaries, vlogs, and sports montages into an impressive sensory experience. Any video can tell a story, but it’s the audio quality that lets viewers become part of it as if they’re with you when you shot the scene. Achieve this with the best microphones and audio recording accessories to go with your camera. If you use a GoPro, we recommend mics, adapters, and gears that are specially designed for pocket-size cams. For DSLR users and professional videographers, shotgun mics, lapels, and audio systems are best.

How to choose video accessories for smartphones

If you’re a vlogger, investing in a mobile setup is a smart way of keeping up with the high demand for social media content. Shoot, edit, and live stream videos on the go without spending too much time post-processing a lot of badly lit or shaky clips. Smartphone video accessories can take away the need to over-edit, as they help ensure that you’re capturing upload-worthy footage every time.

We have several smartphone video kits composed of vlogging essentials like a small shotgun mic, rubberized grip handle, and Bluetooth remote. You can start with a basic mic, rig, and wrist strap bundle or get a complete smartphone video kit that comes with a tripod, mic system, and LED lights.

What to look for in a reliable video camera stabilizer

Some of the important things to consider when choosing camera stabilizers and video rig systems are weight, balance, and versatility. Some stabilizers are made specifically for smartphones, action cams, or DSLRs, as well as particular shooting styles. If you use multiple devices and want a stabilizer that’s compatible with all each of those, get one that can accommodate various shooting styles.


Sliders let you take smooth panning shots. They can be a simple, manually operated rail or a motorized system with wireless trigger controls for shooting in stop-motion and timelapse modes.

Handheld Stabilizers

Handheld stabilizers enhance stability for multi-angle video filming. They can come in different shapes and forms, with the U-shape design being the most common for low angle action shots. They are great for gliding and zooming shots for sports and artistic applications.

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