The Best USB Lavalier Microphone

January 11, 2021 3 min read

The Best USB Lavalier Microphone | Movo Photo

Are you trying to take your podcast or vlog to the next level, but struggling to find the right equipment for the job? Getting the gear you need at a reasonable price is a challenge in its own right, but finding the best budget USB microphone can present its own issues. With a myriad of mics on the market within the same price range, knowing what each mic offers and what’s right for you should be the game plan.

What Should A Good Mic Offer?

In addition to excellent sound quality, a mic should provide other conveniences to make the recording process easier. Built-in features like plug-and-play capabilities, on-device controls, and buttons and switches are a great start. From there, looking at included accessories like windscreens, rig mounts, and device conversion attachments are a must. 

The Movo LV1 USB Lavalier Microphone

If you’re in the market for a small USB microphone that’ll take your audio to the next level, look no further than our LV1 USB lavalier microphone. Available in three different models-—3.5mm, Lightning, or USB-C—the lav mic is the perfect choice for vloggers, podcasters, teachers, lecturers, or anyone with a dynamic content style. 


Tired of installing drivers, software, and applications just to use your mic? So are we. That’s why the LV1 embraces the best that plug-and-play technology has to offer. Whether you’re running Android, iOS, or using a DSLR, all you need to do is plug the mic in and you can start recording using the software or app you feel comfortable with.

The Nitty Gritty

Roughly the size of a quarter, the LV1 uses an omnidirectional microphone that can capture audio from all angles. This ensures that whether you’re standing still or on the move, the mic will still be able to hear you loud and clear. The LV1 also comes with a multi-bit Sigma-Delta 16/24-bit audio codec that helps capture and process sound to digital with little to no loss. 

The Ultimate Portable Mic

Ready to be clipped to your lapel, placket, or tucked neatly under a collar, the LV1 USB mic is designed to offer uncompromising audio quality in an easy-to-conceal package. Whether you’re teaching a class over zoom, unboxing a new product for your fans on YouTube, or live-streaming a hidden hike to your followers, the LV1 puts the focus on you at all times.

Ready to Accessorize

No small USB microphone is complete without the proper accessories. In addition to the LV1 mic, you’ll get a windscreen to minimize background noise, a lapel clip with wire rigging, an extra-long 20-foot cable, and a hardshell case to keep it safe. As with all Movo products, the LV1 comes with a one-year warranty and access to our excellent customer support team.

Which LV1 is Right for Me?

With three different models to choose from, it’s important that you get the right mic that’s compatible with your device. If you predominantly shoot video with a DSLR, the standard LV1 with a 3.5mm input is the right choice. If you’re using an Android-based phone like the Samsung Galaxy S20, opt for the LV1-UC with the USB-C input. Finally, for creators using an iPhone or iPad, the LV1-DI comes with a lightning connector for your iOS device.