7 Reasons to Purchase a Microphone Recording Bundle

June 14, 2019 3 min read

7 Reasons to Purchase a Microphone Recording Bundle - Movo

In today’s world of hashtags, filters and live-streaming, attaining professional video content is easier than ever. The right accessories can help you turn your smartphone or any basic DSLR camera into a rig rivaling those found in Hollywood studios, no matter if your goal is to hit the top of the vloggo-sphere or to capture next-level home videos. One of the best things you can do to enhance your video quality is to invest in a video recording bundle from Movo Photo that comes with microphones and the best audio accessories. 

Here’s why each one of these kits is worth the purchase:

  1. It Includes Everything You Need in One Package — It’s all about simplicity when it comes to these audio recording bundles. Our all-inclusive kits come with everything you need to capture professional audio, including microphones, windscreens, audio mixers, remote controls and all the hardware required for using them with your camera or smartphone. Naturally, this saves you time and effort as you’re putting together your filming setup.

  2. It’s Extremely Versatile— We’re positive you’ll find a home recording bundle in our selection that’s perfect for your unique needs. You can even use yours for non-video-related endeavors, such as recording podcasts, voice-overs and music. In addition to mics and audio accessories, many also feature lights, Bluetooth remotes, stabilizing rigs and other must-have video recording accessories that help enhance the quality of your footage.

  3. It Saves You Money When You Buy Together — The Movo Photo team specifically bundles items to ensure that, when you buy as a kit, you’re saving quite a bit compared to buying each accessory individually. If you’re looking to start your recording hobby from scratch and need all the basics, you’ll definitely come out on top budget-wise by buying all the necessary equipment together as a bundle.

  4. It Ensures That Everything Works Together Seamlessly — Another thing to consider when selecting accessories is that they are not all universal. Many accessories work only with certain smartphones or cameras, so you have to make sure you’re selecting the right version for every single item. On the other hand, when you purchase a bundle labeled for a specific device, you know that everything will work with your recording device, as well as with everything else in the kit seamlessly. 

    Microphone Recording Bundle on Camera

  5. It Enhances the Quality of Your ContentAt the end of the day, producing premium quality content — that is, content that looks like it was filmed by a professional — is about making sure that the video and audio components are rich, clear and free of any distracting elements. Every single item bundled within the microphone recording bundle is made to help achieve that goal. Sound quality is enhanced with professional mics, windscreens and more.

  6. It Doesn’t Require You to Purchase a New Device — Our high-performance bundles are unique in that they work with devices you already own, such as your smartphone or that DSLR camera you thought no longer served you, even if they tend to capture audio poorly. In fact, they can turn basic and out-of-date cameras into fully-equipped, pro-level equipment, all without a huge investment.   

  7. It Can Turn Your Smartphone Into a High-End Recording Device — As smartphone cameras become more and more high-tech, they’re entering the scene as a more viable option for vloggers, live-streamers or anyone who wants videos featuring that special polish that defines the most successful channels. But as more phones feature great features like the ability to capture 1080P and 4K, they still don’t have the best microphones. The right microphone recording kit can transform your basic phone into a well-equipped system with minimal unwanted ambient noise.
Microphone Recording Bundle for Phone

Picking Out Your Recording Bundle

The fact is that bulky, expensive cameras and high-end gear is simply no longer needed, so long as you have the right accessories. Movo Photo has made it simple to record like a pro at home with these simple but affordable bundles. Pick up one today if you’re thinking about how to take your content to the next level.