Movo MV-T1 Aluminum Alloy Tabletop Tripod (Height Range: 3" to 16")

  • Multipurpose Camera & Device Use - Compatible with DSLR or mirrorless cameras, GoPro's (adapter required), Smartphones (adapter required), and more!
  • Advanced Adjustability - Each tabletop tripod features adjustable tripod legs, and extendable pole, and mini ball head that helps you get the perfect angle every time.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Versatility - Crafted with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, our tripod is strong enough to support loads up to 11 lbs. with reliable balance and control.
  • Storage & Travel Bag - Also included is a premium protective case to keep your mini tripod and shaft neatly organized; it can also be attached to a backpack or belt!
  • All Parts Covered by a 1 Year Warranty with support based in the U.S.A.

MOVO MV-T1 Adjustable Tripod

Movo MV-T1 Tabletop Tripod

Whether you love vlogging, taking pictures, or recording professional videos, you need a tripod that gives your camera or GoPro proper balance and control. That's why we created the Movo MV-T1 Tabletop Tripod to ensure you get the right view height no matter where you're filming or photographing.

The Movo MV-T1 is a compact and flexible mini tabletop tripod for cameras. Built with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, the MV-T1 tabletop tripod is strong enough to support loads up to 11 lbs. with reliable balance and control.

Always capture the right angle, perfect photo, or high-definition video with a portable, tabletop tripod designed for near-universal camera support.Providing all the adjustability, stability, and reliability you need for indoor and outdoor photography, you can carry the Movo MV-T1 tabletop tripod virtually anywhere for live streaming, photography, and video production.

Movo MV-T1 Tripod Carrying Case

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Movo MV-T1 Tabletop Tripod

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Often, it’s when we’re on the go that we get inspired by the world around us to capture some fantastic video or photos. I don’t know how many times I’ve been out and about when that moment arose, I pulled out my smartphone or camera, and started recording only to be frustrated later because of how shaky my shot was. Even with a steady hand, there are times when I want a super stable tripod shot, but carrying around a full-size tripod isn’t doable. This is why I love having the MV-T1 compact tripod when I am doing any photo or video work. Even when I don’t plan on capturing any shots, this thing is so small that I can easily keep it in my bag, laptop case, or in the glove box of my car.

The MV-T1 is made of durable aluminum alloy, which means that it is solid. It can support up to 11 pounds, so it is excellent not only for smartphones but also for many cameras. Because it is pretty low to the ground, you can use it to capture some pretty cool low angle shots down to a height of 3 inches or use the extension tube, allowing it to adjust up to 16 inches tall. I’ve used the MV-T1 many times on tabletops and counters and even with a microphone mounted to it on my desk since it uses 1/4 inch threads, which are pretty standard with a ton of video and audio equipment.

Another nice thing about having the MV-T1 around, even if I am getting a handheld shot, the base collapses in pretty tight, so I can use the tripod as an added grip and still quickly transition into a tripod shot. I, often, will use this in conjunction with other gear that I have including mobile microphones and lights that attach to my smartphone mount and then to the MV-T1. Because of how strong it is I’ve been able to use it with all that gear and extend the tube out handheld, using it sort of as a selfie stick (but much stronger) to capture video of myself. With the case that comes included with the MV-T1, it makes taking it on the go super easy as it can easily clip on my bag or belt loop. That’s why this is one piece of gear that I always try to have with me and am confident will support my equipment.


Movo MV-T1 Adjustable Tripod

Features adjustable tripod legs, extendable pole, and mini ball head

Crafted with heavy-duty aluminum alloy for indoor and outdoor use

Heavy Duty
Support loads up to 11lbs with reliable balance and control

Deluxe Case
Premium protective case to keep your mini tripod neatly organized


Universal Tabletop Tripod with Expandable Shaft
Aluminum Alloy Craftsmanship
Carrying Travel and Storage Case
Adjustable Height: 3" to 16" (Shaft Req.)
Weight Bearing: 11 lbs.
Compact, Lightweight (11 oz.)
Mounting Thread: ¼"
1-Year Movo Warranty

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